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Archives - April

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    Posted 04.12.15

    Australians love to renovate, and the Do-It-Yourself attitude is one that most Aussies embrace as a means to help them save money. I mean why would I pay someone to do it when I can do it, right? Right! That is the true DIY attitude that allows us to exploit our passion of renovating our homes and attempt to DIY as much...

  • blog-image-the-block-2015-ensuite-black-bathroom-design

    Doing The Block on a Budget – Ensuite

    Posted 04.01.15

    Channel 9’s renovation series The Block Triple Threat’s ensuite bathrooms have been revealed. We have put together a collection of similar items inspired by their beautiful designs, we hope we can motivate you to create your dream bathroom on a budget. Visit Channel 9’s website for 360 degree views of the contestants...