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  • couple-in-the-kitchen-using-tablet

    Introducing SALINI Kitchen Appliance Packages !

    Posted 10.25.16

      We’ve teamed up with the kitchen experts SALINI because their brand embodied the same values we have -  the high Australian appliance quality we love teamed with affordability to save you money on your costly renovations or rental properties. SALINI offers a wide range of kitchen appliance options for...

  • Feng Shui For Your Bathroom

    7 Bathroom Edits For Ultimate Zen

    Posted 10.05.16

      Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern idea that each and every part or direction of a home is related to a specific aspect of life and a bathroom in that part will drain the luck or benefits of that aspect of life.   The positioning of the bathroom is important in feng shui. For example: South-East...

  • bathroom-new-traditional-country-design-bath-vanity-tiles-black-white-fontaineind-5

    3 Easy Steps To Choosing The Perfect Vanity

    Posted 10.03.16

        The vanity unit is a critical focal point of the design of any bathroom. Whether you choose freestanding or wall mounted, your choice of vanity should accommodate the type of basin and your space and storage requirements. You can complement your vanity with a range of other furniture items including...

  • Fontaine-kitchen-renovation-rangehoods-cooktops

    Do I Really Need A Rangehood?

    Posted 09.20.16

      Nothing could turn me off cooking more than the musty seafood odour of Friday night’s bouillabaisse mingling with tonight’s chocolate cake baking. Luckily, with the flick off a switch, the gentle reassuring hum of the rangehood deodorises the evidence. Have you ever had to clean a kitchen that’s used...

  • easter trading hours-2016-notice-fontaineind
  • xmas-fontaine-tree

    2015 Holiday Trading Hours

    Posted 12.09.15

    It's that time of year again! We will be open for selected days during the break, and our dedicated team will be available to provide assistance. Make the most of your holiday break to come visit our showroom or call us to help you get those renovations started! Don't forget we deliver Australia wide and our website is...

  • small-bathroom-design-powder-room-compact-ensuite-blog-image (003)

    Making The Most of a Small Space

    Posted 11.19.15

    Quite often our bathrooms or ensuites aren’t as large as we would like, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t design an extraordinary space that you are proud of. With just a little preparation and planning you can make the most of your space by optimizing its functionality and focusing on achieving spaciousness...

  • traditional-bathroom-deisgn-modern-black-white-mono-chrome-blog-image

    Traditional Design Using Modern Elements

    Posted 09.05.15

    By thoughtfully selecting modern products to work together to create a traditional feel for your home, you can count on achieving an elegant result with maximum appeal. Traditional interior design is a classic style that stands the test of time, as such it will remain staple for interior designers and home decorators...

  • blog-image-2 (1)


    Posted 04.12.15

    Australians love to renovate, and the Do-It-Yourself attitude is one that most Aussies embrace as a means to help them save money. I mean why would I pay someone to do it when I can do it, right? Right! That is the true DIY attitude that allows us to exploit our passion of renovating our homes and attempt to DIY as much...

  • blog-image-the-block-2015-ensuite-black-bathroom-design

    Doing The Block on a Budget – Ensuite

    Posted 04.01.15

    Channel 9’s renovation series The Block Triple Threat’s ensuite bathrooms have been revealed. We have put together a collection of similar items inspired by their beautiful designs, we hope we can motivate you to create your dream bathroom on a budget. Visit Channel 9’s website for 360 degree views of the contestants...

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