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Star Sign by Design – Aries


The Aries is a ram of action – there’s always something exciting going on in their lives.  So a home that is fuss-free, low-maintenance design elements with clean lines would suit a ram perfectly.

They have an optimistic nature and aren’t afraid to take bold risks with the design of their home. Aries love furnishings that represent their bold nature. Their home needs to reflect their unique vitality and gusto for life. An Aries home is modern, spacious and interesting from every vantage point.

The bathroom isn’t where they like to spend their time. They are in and out as quickly as possible. Aries need a bathroom space with little fuss.

Domestic chaos is a distinct possibility with Aries, unless conscious efforts to organise are made. They need plenty of storage space.  Toiletries and other bathroom essentials should be easily accessed. Shelves and cabinets with plenty of storage space are a requirement for an Aries.


baxter-glass-shelf-A-0090   orion-white-mirror-cabinet-M2010-open

The Paloma timber vanity would be an ideal and practical vanity option for Aries as they can easily access their stacked towels and necessities while still catering to their bold design preferences.

paloma-vanity-vanities-timber-solid-wallmounted-floating-hardwood-wood-wooden-modern-best-bathroom-stylish-ash-oak-jacobean-isometric paloma-hamilton-vanity-vanities-timber-solid-wallmounted-floating-hardwood-wood-wooden-modern-best-bathroom-stylish-ash-oak-isometric

An Aries would rarely use a bath unless it’s for practical reasons such as relaxing their sore muscles rather than spending hours daydreaming like a Pisces. They are more likely to have a quick shower and get on with their day.

       lorna-1000-frame-shower-screen-S2532-featured-photo    avila-twin-shower-head-internal-black-S-2026


Ares have a flair for the dramatic. They are confident, know who they are and therefore follow their own design rules. Ares were born to make a statement and so is their bathroom.

Avoid muted tones as they will deflate an Ares. Use  bold colours and shapes to bolster an Aries brave energetic spirit.

chadwick-timber-top-black-vanity-J2049    laurent-1500-wall-mounted-vanity-double-basin-grey-drawers-cupboards-J2063

rubix-ceramic-basin-RM-0057   novela-black-marquine-marble-rock-pitched-polished-stone-front-basin-RM0031

A small kitchen with all the basic essentials would suit an Aries just fine. As long as it  ignites enough excitement for them to want to spend time there.

Aries typically love mixing textures. They’re particularly keen on chrome especially when it is applied in a unique dramatic way.


emerson-kitchen-laundry-swivle-mixer-black-chrome-F2012  sebastian-extended-kitchen-mixer-F-2010

salini-canopy-rangehood-3-speed-900-stainless-steel-front-SRC3335S   salini-oven-digital-7-functions-triple-glazed-door-65L-capacity-white-LED-display-black-front-SOB1002H