About Us

At Fontaine, we know what you want because we want it too!

Fontaine Industries was founded by a team of passionate, bargain hunting Australian renovators. This is the key – we know what you want because it is what we want! We are proudly Australian owned and operated. The Fontaine team is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, practical bathroom, kitchen and laundry products and accessories, maintaining a resilient passion which drives us to bring you more for less. We are committed to fostering long term relationships with our clients our priority is to keep our customers satisfied. Our core values are built around providing the highest level of customer service and customer satisfaction. We continue to shape our business to make it easier for our customers to find what they are looking for. It is no surprise that we have become one of Australia’s fastest growing manufacturers and retailers.

With convenient Australia wide delivery, we make it easy for you to purchase your products straight to your doorstep! We are known for supplying a wide range of bathroom supplies such as showers, baths, toilets, bathroom vanity units and many more.

Years ago, we were looking for bathroom products that didn’t drain our wallets but at the same time didn’t compromise on the quality of products. Since we were investing our hard earned money in our renovations, we also wanted honest and reliable customer service.

Many people told us that it couldn’t be done - a single retailer cannot provide high quality products, Australian customer service and be affordable for most - something has to give. Even though it was hard and no one else was doing it, we knew it had to be done.

Out of frustration, since there was a clear need for it in the market, (and to prove many people wrong) Fontaine Industries was born! Fontaine was created by adding everything that we wanted as customers and we left out anything we didn’t. Thus, Fontaine grew into the ideal bathroom, kitchen and laundry brand built for our customers. By centralising Fontaine Industries around its customers, it rapidly evolved into the company it is today. We pride ourselves on our friendly, solution orientated Aussie customer service.