Our range of SALINI Rangehoods will have the perfect rangehood for your installation.

If you are looking to conceal your rangehood underneath your kitchen cabinet, then the retractable or undermounted range is for you.

We also have canopy rangehoods in both 600mm (60cm) and 900mm (90mm) sizes.


What is a retractable rangehood?

A rangehood is designed to extract smoke, gas, steam, and odours from a cooking space to allow for a fresher and cleaner atmosphere. A retractable rangehood fits in above your cooktop and can be tucked away and pulled out only when needed.

Why buy a retractable rangehood?

Retractable rangehoods are ideal for smaller kitchens, where being able to ‘hide-away’ bigger functional pieces is of benefit. A retractable rangehood can also be suitable for a minimalist kitchen design where you wish to have the look of overhead cupboards along the top of your cooktop instead of the look of a wall-mounted rangehood.

Things to consider when buying a rangehood?

Sourcing a rangehood that is the right size for your cooktop is the first step. You also need to ensure that the unit itself will fit into the space above your cooktop. Make sure you accurately measure both of these things before deciding on your purchase. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a ducted rangehood or one that will recycle the air back into your kitchen. A ducted rangehood is the most effective solution, however, this option is not always suitable due to the extra work and space required to install. If you have a particularly tall ceiling then you may also need to consider a flue extension.

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