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Looking for a beautiful and durable shower wall liner for your bathroom? We have plenty to offer! From Fontaine, you can find acrylic shower liners, PVC shower wall panels, and all the accessories you’ll need. We have wall liners in all kinds of sizes, patterns, and colours for you to choose from. Find your perfect shower wet wall panels from our Shower Wall Liners range to level up the luxury feeling of your shower at a reasonable cost!


When picking up a product for a wet room like a bathroom or shower, one the most important thing to consider is the quality and durability of the product. We understand it and thus sourced the best materials and craft techniques for our shower wall panels to be the most durable and reliable wet room products that not only do the work but do the best. While function is of utmost importance, at Fontaine, we never compromise on design and aesthetics. No matter it’s the clean minimalist look of the acrylic panels or the lovely marble patterns and colours of the PVC panels, they are modern and gorgeous that will suit all your design needs for a shower room.

Need advice on choosing the perfect shower wall panel to complete your design? Feel free to contact us now! Our experienced and friendly team is more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice and help.


When choosing shower wall liners, you might wonder whether to use traditional tiles or wall panels as they are the most common products under this category. Before you decide, you can never overlook the convenience that comes with shower wall panels.

Compared with tiles, shower wall panels are far quicker to install. You don’t need to spend days cutting it to pieces or use grout to install it. Instead, you can finish installing a whole wall of panels all by yourself in one day so that you can have more time to enjoy with your family.

After being installed, shower wet panels are also easy and quick to clean which will save you heaps of time every day. With ceramic tile, if you don’t clean the walls often, you’ll eventually see visible soap scum and dark and moldy joints. However, with non-porous shower wall panels, cleaning becomes a breeze with no grout lines that can catch soap residue or chip away in time.

If you want to achieve a minimalist modern look, choosing shower wall panels is also a better idea as they can achieve a seamless look with the tongue and groove system.


How do I choose a shower wall liner?

Choosing a shower wall liner can be a lot of fun. Start by thinking about what material you want and what will look best in your bathroom. There are numerous of different materials you can choose from. PVC is one of the best materials for shower wet wall panels. What’s good about PVC is that it is light and super easy to install while being waterproof and durable. You can install a whole wall of PVC panels all by yourself in a short amount of time. Besides, PVC panels come with beautiful organic marble patterns that will bring interest to your shower design. Apart from PVC, acrylic is also a great material that is durable with a cleaner look.

After choosing the right material, think about the size you want. From Fountaine, you can get shower wall panels in 900mm and 1200mm which are the two most common sizes that will fit most of the bathrooms. You can also join them together to fit larger-sized bathrooms.

How can I install a shower wall panel?

Installing a shower wall panel is a super easy process as no grout is needed. This process is clean and won’t leave you a whole room of dust like tiling. You can simply cut a panel to the size you want and apply adhesive or silicone to secure it to the wall. If you have several panels to be installed, they can be easily connected through the tongue and groove system. Use the corner edge trims for connecting panels at an angle and edge trims for sealing the edges and Corflute parts to prevent moisture from entering the construction part of the panels.

How much are our shower wall panels?

Based on size, material, and design, shower wall panels can have different prices. In Fontaine, we are always dedicated to providing our consumers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our PVC shower wall panels range from $149 to $229 only and come with durable non-porous surfaces and beautiful marble patterns. Not sure which one fits best to your beautiful bathroom? Our friendly team at Fontaine is more than happy to offer advice and help!

What kind of shower wall panels do we sell?

At Fontaine, we always want to provide you with beautiful and handy products that will help you achieve the design in your mind with a low budget. For this reason, we picked to sell PVC and acrylic shower panels, which are light and durable products with gorgeous finish. Compared with stone panels or wall tiles, these shower wall panels are flexible and easy to install and you can easily DIY a whole wall all by yourself. With neutral colours and sophisticated marble patterns, the shower panels are easy and fun to style that will give your shower a high-end look.

Why choose our shower wall panels?

Our shower wall panels are made to the highest quality standards for a truly beautiful finish. They also offer great longevity, so you never have to worry about any breakages or damage occurring over time. But by far the best part about our shower wall panel range is the affordable prices on offer. Look to us for budget-friendly shower wall liners.

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