Toilet Suites

Toilet Suites

Our extensive selection of toilet suites makes your decision informed: from closed coupled, P or S trap, in wall, small or large, we’ve got you covered. All our products are fully accredited to the relevant Australian standards and comply with the water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS). The now favoured close coupled or back to wall toilet are available from our store in many styles, sizes and prices.

A “S trap” toilet has its waste pipe going down through the floor.
A “P trap” toilet has its waste pipe going through the wall.

Best Quality Modern Toilet Suites

Dreaming of a stunning new en-suite bathroom? Planning to go for a whole new upgrade? Whatever the reason for buying bathroom products and accessories, you are sure to find anything and everything that you could possibly need for your renovation or building project. Fontaine Industries have an assortment of modern toilets and bathroom vanities that will suit any classical, traditional or contemporary home styles.

Water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS) rated toilets from Fontaine’s online store are an excellent choice if water conservation is important to you, by making an informed decision you can rest assured that you have made the right decision in reducing your water consumption. Create the ideal refurbished setting by choosing the right style of vanity that is consistent with the toilet from our extensive range of bathroom vanity units perfect for en-suites or main bathrooms. Check out our largest selection of vanities, fixtures and accessories to give you a final finish to your bathroom.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading supplier of the bathroom vanities in Australia, we offer our customers cutting-edge collections boasting style and affordability. We have a wide range of modern and designer look products from practical storage solutions to luxurious focal point pieces; we cater for all your renovation and remodelling requirements. At Fontaine Industries, we have a large variety of stylish, high quality and energy efficient products that fit into the budget limit of any customer.

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Wall faced or back to wall toilet suites:

There are four main types of toilet suites:

  • Wall faced or back to wall
  • In-wall or concealed cistern
  • Wall mounted or wall hung
  • Close coupled and connector toilets

Other types include:

  • Smart bidet toilet
  • Ambulant toilet
  • Skew toilet
  • Junior toilet

Wall-faced toilets are a popular option because they are installed flush against the wall, eliminating hard-to-reach nooks or crevices behind and under the suite, making cleaning easier. Wall faced suites consist of a toilet pan that is designed to be installed hard up against to the wall with a cistern that also flush to the wall creating a nice and neat look. Similarly, back to wall suites have the cistern mounted on top of the toilet pan which is also flush to the wall, often the terms are interchangeable.

Back to wall or wall faced toilets are often designed to be either S or P trap as the plumbing inside the pan allows a converter to be concealed inside to allow for both options. They make this style or toilet more popular as there is no need to carry a P or S trap version of the pan.

Arlington Back To Wall Toilet which is a stylish and impressive toilet suite, featuring a rounded, rimless design and gloss white finish. The rimless toilet makes for a significantly easier clean.

Indiana Back To Wall Toilet Suite is a stylish and impressive toilet suite, featuring a streamlined, rimless design and gloss white finish.

Wall Hung Toilet Suites:

Wall hung toilet suites are a popular choice for many homeowners because they can save space in the bathroom. These toilet suites are hung on the wall, which means that the cistern is hidden giving you a modern, minimalistic feel.

Wall hung toilet suites also tend to be a bit more stylish than traditional toilet suites. They can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom. As the toilet pan is lifted from the floor, they are also easier to clean and can make the bathroom look bigger. If you are looking for a way to update your bathroom, then a wall hung toilet suite may be the perfect option for you.

Wall hung toilets can be a little more difficult to install as the plumbing needs to be adjusted to be inside the wall, make sure to speak with your installer for suitability in your bathroom. Wall mounted or hung toilets can only be P trap as the plumbing needs to go into the wall.

Close coupled and connector toilet suites

Close coupled suites are a more traditional looking type of toilet, they are curvier and less bulky looking, and as a result have space between the wall and the pan. They can appear smaller and take up less space as they are not trying to conceal any space or plumbing. Due to the use of less materials in the construction, these toilets are cheaper to manufacture and, in most cases, cheaper to buy. The pan and the cistern are connected, and there is no external pipe needed. They are popular due to their common form and familiarity to older toilets, and their budget friendly price tag.

Connector toilets are most similar to close coupled toilets, the difference is that the pan and cistern are not connected together, often they have a visible pipe that connects the pan and cistern plumbing. Sometimes they are designed with an extra lip attached from the seat to the cistern that covers the pipe and creates a cleaner look especially when the pan and cistern are far apart.

Both close coupled and connector toilets require either a P or S trap pan version to fit to the existing plumbing, normally you cannot use a converter.

Smart Bidet Toilet Suite

Looking for a smart toilet suite, bidet toilet suite or a bidet seats. Functions of this bidet smart toilet seat feature the ability to control the flush volume, seat and water temperature control and it also features a night light.

The nozzle built into the toilet allows for sufficient self cleaning and self hygiene to clean and dry at your convenience.

Please note that this toilet seat will need an additional water and power outlet to function, which will require the work of a registered plumber and electrician.

Junior Adjustable Link Toilet Suite

The Fienza Stella Junior Adjustable Link Toilet Suite is ideal for infants and children.

This toilet has a lowered height and seat size making it suitable for locations such as schools, childcare facilities, and parents' rooms in shopping complexes for children learning to use the toilet independently.

Rimless Toilet Suites:

The latest in toilet technology, rimless toilet suites have a proven track record in Europe. Toilets without a boxed rim are easier to clean and more hygienic, as germs have nowhere to hide.

The powerful and efficient flushing system of a rimless toilet means grime and bacteria have nowhere to hide, so your toilet will never be cleaner.

When buying a toilet, there are two main considerations you need to speak to your plumber about:

Waste Trap Type

If you have an S trap, then the water outlet is directed to the floor creating a horizonal S shape as the waste pipe curves up and then back down through the floor. If you have a P trap outlet, then your water outlet is directed to the wall creating a horizontal P shape to the waste pipe as the pipe curves up and then straight out to the side, into the wall.

Water Inlet Type

There are two inlet types.

Bottom Inlet (BI)

Bottom Inlet (BI) enters the bottom of the cistern and is usually connected via a flexible hose or moulded copper pipe, typically to one side. It is important to make sure that the water inlet type is correct for your toilet as it can affect performance.

Back entry (BE)

A back entry (BE) inlet is hidden at the top rear of the cistern. When installing your new toilet, you have the option to move this. The back entry looks a lot neater with the tap hidden under the lid in the cistern and there is no exposed hose to collect dust.

Fontaine Industries sells the Standard Toilet Converter P to S with 5 Year Product Warranty.

Change your P-Trap toilet to an S-Trap with our easy to install Standard Toilet Converter. This convenient S-Trap converter comes with rubber/silicone seal for connection to the pipe and can be cut to size to fit most applications.

Toilet Spare Parts

Toilet Seats:

The Custodian Smart Bidet Toilet seat, has innovative technology and made to provide greater ease for your bathroom experience. Functions of this bidet smart toilet seat feature the ability to control the flush volume, seat and water temperature control and it also features a night light.

Standard Toilet P to S converter:

Change your P-Trap toilet to an S-Trap with our easy to install Standard Toilet Converter. This convenient S-Trap converter comes with rubber/silicone seal for connection to the pipe join.

Simple Universal Stop Tap:

This wall tap can be used for various applications including laundry room, toilet, or dishwasher. The simple tap set is a neat and practical solution for your plumbing needs.

Features to look out for?

When purchasing a toilet suite, it is important to consider the following features:

  • Consider the WELS ratings. New homes require a 4 star rating, whilst renovations or existing homes can have 3 stars.
  • Measure the available space carefully
  • Match your existing plumbing
  • Have your new toilet suite fit by a professional
  • Choose from matt or gloss ceramic finishes
  • Consider features like rimless or bidet options

Toilet Suite Installation

Fontaine Industries can assist you replace your toilet suites, via our third part install partner. Your new toilet installation includes:

  • Installation of all fixtures and fittings
  • A fully registered and licensed tradesperson will install your new toilet
  • Get a quote today


What are toilet suites?

Toilet suites are a type of bathroom fixture that includes a complete working toilet, a toilet suite is made up of a toilet pan, toilet cistern, toilet seat, flush system, and fittings for general install. Toilets are also a popular choice for home renovation projects because the existing one can be easily replaced without too much effort.

What are the features of toilets?

  • Hardened seat
  • Easy release seat
  • Matt toilet
  • Low-level toilet
  • High seat toilet
  • Smart bidet toilet suite
  • Rimless toilet suites
  • Water efficient toilet
  • Close-coupled toilet
  • Back to wall toilet
  • Wall hung toilet