Toilet Suites

Toilet Suites

Our extensive selection of toilet suites makes your decision informed: from closed coupled, P or S trap, in wall, small or large, we’ve got you covered. All our products are fully accredited to the relevant Australian standards and comply with the water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS). The now favoured close coupled or back to wall toilet are available from our store in many styles, sizes and prices.

A “S trap” toilet has its waste pipe going down through the floor.
A “P trap” toilet has its waste pipe going through the wall.

Best Quality Modern Toilet Suites

Dreaming of a stunning new en-suite bathroom? Planning to go for a whole new upgrade? Whatever the reason for buying bathroom products and accessories, you are sure to find anything and everything that you could possibly need for your renovation or building project. Fontaine Industries have an assortment of modern toilets and bathroom vanities that will suit any classical, traditional or contemporary home styles.

Water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS) rated toilets from Fontaine’s online store are an excellent choice if water conservation is important to you, by making an informed decision you can rest assured that you have made the right decision in reducing your water consumption. Create the ideal refurbished setting by choosing the right style of vanity that is consistent with the toilet from our extensive range of bathroom vanity units perfect for en-suites or main bathrooms. Check out our largest selection of vanities, fixtures and accessories to give you a final finish to your bathroom.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading supplier of the bathroom vanities in Australia, we offer our customers cutting-edge collections boasting style and affordability. We have a wide range of modern and designer look products from practical storage solutions to luxurious focal point pieces; we cater for all your renovation and remodelling requirements. At Fontaine Industries, we have a large variety of stylish, high quality and energy efficient products that fit into the budget limit of any customer.

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  1. Sale Baltimore Toilet Suite Baltimore Toilet Suite
    TS-2001 Baltimore Toilet Suite
    or 4 interest-free payment of $72.04
  2. Sale Indiana Back To Wall Toilet Suite Indiana Back To Wall Toilet Suite
    TS-2008 Indiana Back To Wall Toilet Suite
    or 4 interest-free payment of $46.54
  3. Pasadena Back To Wall Toilet Suite Rimless Pasadena Back To Wall Toilet Suite Rimless
    TS-2013 Pasadena Back To Wall Toilet Suite Rimless
    or 4 interest-free payment of $74.16
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