Laundry Troughs

Laundry Troughs

Searching for a cost effective way to revamp your laundry room? Installing one of our laundry troughs will be your best bet. As a busy and integral part of the home, a laundry sink can be used to soak filthy clothing, rinse sports ware or even wash your pet, making it an important addition to your room. At Fontaine Industries, we present you with an assortment of options for you specific requirement designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your laundry room.

Redesign your new laundry room with cabinets, sinks and laundry taps from our online store. Designed with space in mind, compact troughs from Fontaine are a great option for any restricted room. Maximise and utilise every inch of space efficiently with our laundry troughs and sinks. By following these design principles you can remodel your new laundry to achieve an uncluttered and functional end result with the right set of fittings and fixtures.

Along with your new laundry, we can also help you with your bathroom and kitchen renovation or build project. Trendy looking and highly durable bathroom vanities can give a luxurious touch to your showering space. From the shower mixers to bathroom taps and everything in between, buy anything you could possibly need for your new build or renovation project from Fontaine Industries.

Why Choose Us?

Fontaine Industries take pride in offering our customer with the best quality products that ultimately aim to add ease, convenience and enjoyment to their life. All our products are specifically designed and sourced from across the globe achieving the highest standard and quality to suit the Australian household. Browse through our varied array of options to find the one that fits to your needs and budget.

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