Lithofin Bathroom Accessories

Once you successfully transform your kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces you will want to maintain their lustre and appeal. We offer the Lithofin range of cleaners and polish to safely achieve this and get the most out of your surfaces. The Lithofin Range includes premium cleaning, protecting, and maintaining products for your natural stone materials and ceramic surfaces. They offer a wide range of products for your bathroom, kitchen and floors.


How do I clean my stone benchtop?

For everyday cleaning we recommend using Lithofin Easy-Clean which leaves your surfaces hygienically clean, streak-free; as well as enhances colours and leaves a pleasant aroma. Ideal for everyday cleaning of small stone surfaces such as kitchen benchtops, tabletops and bathroom vanities. For occasional deep cleaning we recommend Lithofin Power-Clean, which is formulated to remove grease and oil stains.

We also recommend Lithofin Polish Liquid Wax which is used for occasional freshening up and polishing of stone surfaces, providing gloss and protection.


How often do I need to seal natural stone?

It is recommended that you seal natural stone once a year at least. With excellent products like Lithofin Stain-Stop sealing your natural stone is easy!

To keep your natural stone looking its absolute best you will want to seal your surface. If left unsealed water and small debris can erode, permanently stain or cause the stone to crack.

Engineered stone such as composite granite or high-quality quartz does not require sealing however if the surface shows signs of wear you may wish to polish the surface, for this we recommend using Lithofin Polish Liquid Wax.


How do I seal my stone sink?

To seal your stone sink we recommend Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. This product is a premium impregnating sealer designed for natural stone and concrete-style materials providing optimum protection from water, oil, grease and general dirt. This special sealer does not alter the materials' features, is suitable for all internal and external areas and is safe to use in food preparation areas. 

For directions on how to use this product please refer to the technical Data Sheet.

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