Grid List
  1. Omega 750
  2. Chadwick 1500 White
  3. Palazzo 1200 Freestanding
  4. Palazzo 900 Freestanding
  5. Stonehenge 900 Deep Drawers
  6. Royale 1800
  7. Riva 600
  8. Chadwick 1500 Black
  9. Chadwick 1200 Black
  10. Chadwick 1200 White
  11. Palazzo 900 Wall Mounted
  12. Stonehenge 1200 Deep Drawers
  13. Omega 1200
  14. Royale 1200
  15. Royale 1500
  16. Hudson 1500
  17. Orlando 900
  18. Palazzo 1500 Freestanding
  19. Palazzo 1200 Wall Mounted
  20. Omega 900
  21. Omega 600
Grid List

Vanity Units

Your bathroom vanity is a crucial part of your bathroom design, it is one of the most important fixtures to consider when planning your bathroom layout. You will use it everyday and ideally it will make your bathroom routine easier and more enjoyable. Your choice of vanity needs to meet to important requirements; it needs to function well and it needs to look good. Luckily you are in the right place to find your perfect vanity.

You can choose from a single or double basin; wall or floor mount vanity. Several of the vanity units in our range also allow you the option of selecting the perfect vanity stone bench top to match your style, you can even select a solid timber top on your vanity for an added touch of warmth.

If you need any assistance selecting from our range of vanities, feel free to contact the friendly team at Fontaine.

We have an exceptional range of vanity units, find the one to transform your bathroom space.

Why Choose Us?

Widely recognised as the hub of modern bathroom vanities, Fontaine Industries has a comprehensive range of vanity units that is second to none. We aim to make the process of building your new bathroom simpler and more cost efficient. Your new bathroom vanity should not only add simplicity and enjoyment to your life but also should add value to your property; you should view your spend as an investment rather than an expense.

Due to our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction, we are one of the top rated stores online and instore.

Google rating 4.9 stars over 250+ reviews
"Fontaine Industries had the high quality vanity that I was searching for for my ensuite. I was attracted to the quartz top, size choice, colour range and the ceramic basin. They dispatched my vanity within 24 hours of receiving my order. Their customer service representative was very helpful."
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