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LED Mirrors will not only illuminate your bathroom but will light up your life! Good lighting is essential for someone who values presentation and looking your best, making an LED mirror a must have!

The LUMIRA range of LED mirrors will be the perfect focal point in your bathroom, providing style and practicality. With 5000K LED lighting, the light emitting from these stunning mirrors best replicate natural daylight which is ideal for face illumination and makeup application. For added aesthetic and practically, no light spills from the back which provides optimal illumination on your face.

With sleek touch buttons, you can choose to turn the light off when not in use. Also with anti-fog technology, your LUMIRA LED Mirror will not only light up your space but add convenience to your morning/night routine. No more annoying fogged up mirror when you get out of the shower!

The LUMIRA range comes fully framed in either brushed chrome or brushed matt black. Each range provides ultra-stylish looks and usefulness. With unique and trendy shapes such as the round Imogen or the squoval Quincy, you are sure to make an impact. Otherwise the classically shaped rectangle Prague mirror stands the test of time when it comes to trends that come and go.

The LUMIRA range of LED mirrors is Australian Standard, SAA approved and comes with a waterproof LED strip, aluminium frame and corrosion resistant mirror.


What is 5000K Light?

“K” is short for “Kelvin” which measures colour temperature. Colour temperature describes the look and feel of light emitting from a lightbulb. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1000 to 10,000. For face illumination, 4800-5000K is ideal as it is not too cool or too warm and replicates natural daylight the best.


Can I mount the mirror myself?

Yes, the mirror comes with mounting hooks so you can easily mount your LED mirror yourself. The mirror comes with an AU plug so your electrician can recess a power point behind the mirror so it can be plugged in while mounted. However, if you wish to hardwire the mirror it must be installed by a licensed electrician.  


What does “squoval” mean?

The Quincy LED mirror range comes in a unique shape that combines square and oval together to make a squoval shape. It is also know as a pill shaped mirror or a rounded rectangle.

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