1200mm Vanities

1200mm Vanities

Looking for a high-quality vanity unit for bathroom? Fontaine has all your bases covered. We have a wide range of designs available that will transform your space from boring to stylish. And the best part is we offer affordable prices across all stock.

Look to us for wonderful furniture pieces that never fail to impress.

Transform your bathroom with a beautiful vanity unit

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun. The team at Fontaine makes the process simple so you can find the perfect piece based on your taste. Our 1200mm vanity units are perfect for busy households that value extra space and a great aesthetic. Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, a Fontaine design will look wonderful in your home.

Order online for fast delivery to your door

Shop online today and enjoy budget-friendly prices on 1200mm vanity units, 900mm bathroom vanities. At Fontaine, we love bringing dream design ideas to life. Feel free to get in touch with our team for advice and support regarding your order.

Need something a bit bigger? Check out our 1500mm bathroom vanity units, 1800mm bathroom vanities .

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  1. Sale Omega 1200 Vanity Omega 1200 Vanity
    J-2040 Omega 1200 Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $76.29
  2. Sale Orlando 1200 Vanity Orlando 1200 Vanity
    J-2030 Orlando 1200 Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $81.6
  3. Sale Chadwick 1200 White Vanity Chadwick 1200 White Vanity
    J-2059 Chadwick 1200 White Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $85.85
  4. Sale Chadwick 1200 Black Vanity Chadwick 1200 Black Vanity
    J-2050 Chadwick 1200 Black Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $90.1
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