Matte Bathtubs

Matte Bathtubs

Elegant yet modern, we can see why matt bathtubs have become the emerging trend in the interior design world and we confident that this trend is here to stay. The matt finish on a matt bathtub will add a layer of luxury to your bathroom. Whether your bathtub’s primary purpose is for cleaning, stress relief or simply splashing, choosing a new bathtub is undoubtedly a vital decision as it may last forever in your bathroom.

Why Choose Matte White Baths?

The right bathtub will not only improve the appeal and functionality of your bathroom but also will probably last an entire lifetime. Choosing a matt white bathtub can be a great investment as it is timeless in design while is super easy to use and maintain. From the interior design perspective, a matte freestanding bath is contemporary yet classic. The sophisticated matte finish of a matte white bath has much less reflection than a gloss finish, which makes it look a lot softer. The softer look and organic texture are easy on the eyes that will complement any bathroom design. When it comes down to using it, the soft matt surface is smooth to the touch which will make your shower experience always enjoyable. When convenience is a factor to consider, the matte finish is also an excellent option. Compared with gloss bathtubs, fingerprints, imperfections, and smudges are less apparent on a matte shower pan. For easy contemporary comfort and easy maintenance, try a matt white bath or a matt black bathtub for the ultimate luxury.

How To Style A Matte White Bathtub?

A matt white bathtub can complement most bathroom styles. As it looks natural and elegant, you can put it together with natural timber vanities and timber mirror cabinets. They all look soft with natural reflection, and the light warm colour scheme will bring a sense of serenity and tranquillity to your bathroom. It is also a good idea to style it with matt white toilets, using the same visual texture to achieve a cohesive look. Apart from the above ideas, you can also try to be bold and style a white matt bathtub with dark grey or black moody bathroom tiles to create a bit of contrast and drama. The white colour and matt finish will undoubtedly make it a statement piece in your bathroom.

Why Choose Our Matte Bathtubs?

Our Harper Matt White Bathtub comes with a contemporary streamlined design and sophisticated matt white finish that will suit any bathroom design while bringing a luxury feel to your bathroom. With lots of options in sizes and designs, you can always get a desirable matte white bath or matte black bath from us that will suit your unique bathroom design. At Fontaine, we are devoted to offering you high-quality products at reasonable prices. Don’t hesitate to get your matt bathtubs from us at a competitive price. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about choosing or styling your matt bathtub. Our friendly team is always here to help.

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