Wall Mounted Vanities

Wall Hung Vanities

The wall hung vanity unit is the most preferred modern style vanity. They are less bulky than a freestanding vanity, and as they float above the floor they allow you to see more floor space in the room making the room appear larger! All interior designers and home renovators alike strive to create spaces that are attractive and comfortable to live in, so it's no wonder that floating vanities or wall hung bathroom vanity units are a popular choice.

To allow for more storage inside the vanity cabinet, opt for a vanity with an above counter basin, this way you are making more space for your bathroom essentials inside the cabinet and the basin can sit as a centrepiece to your countertop. If compromised storage is discouraging you from choosing a wall hung vanities, you may want to add a mirrored cabinet above your vanity to create some face level storage for your everyday use items.

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Fontaine supplies customers with premium home furniture and accessories at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on offering a standout level of customer service so everyone can find exactly what they need without delay. Whether you’re looking for budget vanities, double basin vanities or anything else, we have all your needs met. Our designs never compromise on quality so you can shop with complete confidence.

Transform your bathroom with a wall-hung vanity unit

Shop for wall-hung vanity units online and make a statement in your bathroom. We have a wide selection of designs available at affordable prices. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for product advice and support.

Call today on 1300 884 081 or send an email to sales@fontaineind.com.au for further information.

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  1. Sale Kudos 480 Vanity Kudos 480 Vanity
    J-2029 Kudos 480 Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $44.41
  2. Sale Chadwick 600 White Vanity Chadwick 600 White Vanity
    J-2022 Chadwick 600 White Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $56.31
  3. Sale Chadwick 600 Black Vanity Chadwick 600 Black Vanity
    J-2015 Chadwick 600 Black Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $60.56
  4. Sale Chadwick 900 White Vanity Chadwick 900 White Vanity
    J-2023 Chadwick 900 White Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $71.19
  5. Sale Chadwick 900 Black Vanity Chadwick 900 Black Vanity
    J-2019 Chadwick 900 Black Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $75.44
  6. Sale Chadwick 1200 White Vanity Chadwick 1200 White Vanity
    J-2059 Chadwick 1200 White Vanity
    or 4 interest-free payment of $85.85
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