Brushed Matte & Gold Finishes

One of the biggest trends to make a come-back, that’s been seen in all industries, has now integrated itself into bathroom trends for 2018.


Welcome gold fixtures to your home renovations. This is not new by any means, and has transpired for decades, but bathrooms will yet again embrace the warmer colour palette with matte textures through a gold metallic finish.

Tapping into metallics for your bathroom, especially tapware, adds an ample supply of dimension and luxury to your bathroom. What we’re seeing in 2018 is a unity between different textures, elements and materials to all harmonise your bathroom space.

The brushed gold fixtures offered at Fontaine elicit an antique appeal about them. The matte finish is an elegant juxtaposition between traditional and transitional and will showcase your design personality. Whilst neutral colour palettes will continue to dominate bathroom spaces, going for gold will demonstrate a classic edge to your overall aesthetic.

Is a neutral colour palette too simple for you? If your disposition is more vibrant, take an alternative aesthetic inspired by Middle Eastern textures and hues. Pay tribute to the kaleidoscope of colours with complimentary gold fixtures. This design has been around for centuries and with good reason because although there have been adaptations, its vivaciousness allows it to stand the test of time.

The regality of gold tapware will not go unnoticed. Its presence stands proud in your space. Contrary to belief that showcasing gold is a sign of money wasted, illuminating your space with a glimmer of gold adds richness to your bathroom that little else would be able to.





Buy into the luxury with gold taps. It will make a statement in your bathroom and it is a premium feature to add to your design. It’s all about that Midas touch in 2018!