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Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to design. We all wish to create a room with the right balance of functionality and style. We need to consider durability to withstand daily use, enough storage, and the easiness to clean; but it is just as important to create a beautiful, calming design that will promote relaxation and tranquillity, helping us to enjoy the time we spend in the bathroom every day.

Unfortunately the most durable materials such as stone bench tops and tiles, although can be extremely beautiful, can also increase the amount of hard surfaces in a bathroom. Along with ensuring the room capitalises on natural light, and adding soft furnishings, there are other ways to counterbalance the hard surfaces of the room such as adding softness to your bathroom fixtures. The addition of timber can add a real warmth and personality to the space.

Our appreciation of natural beauty inspires us to design spaces that utilise mother nature’s artwork, in the form of stone counter tops, tiles or timber surfaces. Unfortunately natural elements are generally more expensive than their man-made counterparts, due to the fact that they take years to cultivate when compared to factory made imitations. For example finishes such as marble, with its unpredictable colour and patterns that takes centuries to create, just makes it all the more desirable. The fact that no two pieces on earth are the same, we cherish their uniqueness and it gives us a level of appreciation that a man-made replica will not rival. Even though its artificial counterparts may be recreated in a more durable and cost effective product, we still opt for the natural option if our budget permits. This same appreciation extends to the natural beauty of timber and it can find its pride of place in your new bathroom.

We are now seeing an emergence of natural wood surfaces in bathrooms from timber vanities, timber benchtops to timber towel ladders, or timber bath caddies. As seen in the most up-to-date bathroom designs featured in current reality TV renovation programs such as “The Block” or “House Rules”, which are paving the way for new bathroom trends, there is no doubt that timber in the bathroom is a stylish look that is here to stay.

Fontaine Industries has launched a range of timber products to help you create the look for less, we can help you achieve the desired result whilst keeping within your tight budget. Our timber top options allow you to customise your vanity cabinet to include an Australian hardwood wooden benchtop. The elegance of your Victorian Ash 40mm thick vanity timber top will leave your guests (or prospective buyers) in awe of your luxurious and trendy bathroom design. We also have a range of timber bathroom accessories to compliment the look. Visit our online store to shop our range.

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