Renovations Back on in Melbourne Victoria (COVID-19)

With all the uncertainty around lockdowns and different stages of stay at home restrictions particularly in Melbourne Victoria, we shed some light on whether you are permitted to renovate your home during COVID-19.

First off, we need to congratulate all Victorians and thank them for their commitment and sacrifice over the recent months. Due to this immense effort we have witnessed Australia’s second wave of COVID-19 brought back under control.

With a lot of emotions been felt all around Melbourne, there is an irrefutable feeling of relief as restrictions have been officially lifted today, and a sense of accomplishment has begun to settled in. For a moment there we thought it would never end.

We are very excited to confirm that home renovations are permitted throughout Victoria again! Although renovations of vacant homes were still permitted under stage 4 restrictions, many of us simply didn’t have the luxury of permanently vacating to proceed with renovations on our homes. Now that renovations and home improvements are allowed on occupied dwellings, we can all get on with the project we have been planning and anticipating during stay-at-home restrictions. To get in touch with renovation installers, visit our installation page.

Have you seen the new SALINI 90cm Oven that dropped while in lockdown? She’s a beauty. Also worth a look, the new Hawking range of basins.

According to the HIA (Housing Industry Association), whom were previously briefed by the Government and foreshadowed the notice, today they have announced to their members that “Renovations in occupied homes are now permitted but it is important to appreciate that there continue to be a large number of restrictions on how this activity can occur.” It has been suggested that where possible the occupants should vacate the premises whilst the work is completed, or at the very least section off areas being worked on by closing doors to create a physical barrier between the workers and occupants. For more information visit guidance pages.

As our Melbourne stores have opened to the public, we are all eager to help you get your project underway. Come into store or shop online for affordable and stylish bathroom, kitchen, and laundry fixtures.