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By thoughtfully selecting modern products to work together to create a traditional feel for your home, you can count on achieving an elegant result with maximum appeal.

Traditional interior design is a classic style that stands the test of time, as such it will remain staple for interior designers and home decorators for years to come. It is style with flexibility and can be customised to suit your taste.

Familiar surroundings provide us with a sense of comfort. This style can evoke a sense of nostalgia as we remember the style from our past, perhaps even our earliest memories. This timeless appeal can be established in your very own home, today in particular we will discuss elements of the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

You can use traditional styling to:

-          Add character and charm to an otherwise dull space.
-          Complement the character and style of an established home from yesteryear.
-          Create a stylish design with a cohesive look, a space that works well together and is pleasing to the eye.

As new home builders and renovators we can still create a traditional look using the modern products that are so readily available to us, instead of sourcing specialist products that might break your budget. By using modern products we also maintain all the benefits of contemporary convenience as products are designed for modern day living. We can broaden our home’s appeal, which is key to adding value to your property.

So how do we achieve this traditional look with modern products?
Here are a few of our simple tips and tricks:

- Think about form. Choose shapes that mimic or reference traditional styles. For example rounded tapware is a modern day style that has evolved from the tapware we are familiar with from our childhood and even decades earlier, rounded tapware with curved spouts or curved shower arms can extenuate the traditional feel. Freestanding bathtubs are a modern interpretation of the typical bath of the Colonial, Victorian or French styles. Opt for a modern bathtub that still reflects these shapes. To add a more luxurious feel to your design the use of ornate lighting or even a chandelier can transform the look of the space.

- Add some colour! In traditional styling colour pallets are often are more conservative, however when selecting colours think about what colours best transcend to the era you are trying to reference yet still appealing in modern interior design. For example, by using a monochrome pallet you can achieve a neutral and modern space style that reflects the old days of black and white, yet is still bold and trendy today. The use of a modern black freestanding bathtub reflects the way in which bathtub of earlier eras often had coloured outer surface with a white interior. Or if you are looking for a statement, you can add richness to your design by choosing a bold feature colour such as emerald green subway tile. Traditional interior design can also utilize formal patterns and prints so there’s plenty of scope to get creative!

-Accessorize.  The accessories in your design are the icing on the cake. You can enhance your design and add substance to the overall look. Take advantage of natural decor such as timber accessories (a big trend in bathroom design) or greenery and flowers to soften your look and add warmth to your bathroom. Ornate mirrors are a traditional statement, by recessing a mirror cabinet into the wall and adding an ornate boarder you can achieve the look with added storage for modern convenience! Simply adding vintage decor such as crystal jewellery holders, vases or candelabras can add an extra lux feel to the space.

If you are wanting to achieve a more traditional style in your bathroom, you don’t need to shy away from modern retailers or attempt to source rare and expensive products. Using these tips you will be able to achieve the look you want for less and do it in a way that still appeals to traditional and modern design lovers. Below are a list of the products used to bring this gorgeous black and white bathroom to life. With over 400 products to choose from you’re bound to find your perfect bath, vanity, basin, tapware or timber accessories to create your very own customized look for less.

The below gallery is of a bathroom renovation in traditional style using Fontaine products, what a stunning result!
We will outline each product below and discuss how they were used to help you recreate the look.
bathroom bathroom
bathroom bathroom
bathroom bathroom
  1. The Vanity
    -  This vanity is from the stunning Chadwick range, which is available in various sizes and configurations, in this space the 600mm vanity fits perfectly. This customer who designed this bathroom has customized the Chadwick vanity by adding the Omega basin and the stylish Eleanor tall mixer tap. By choosing this wall mounted vanity, your eye is drawn to the feature floor tiles, seeing more of the floor assists in making the room feel larger.
  2. The Bath
    - This beautiful and popular bath is called the Harper 1500 Freestanding bath, and has a black outer that reflects light around the room due to its high gloss finish, as seen in this example it reflects the floor tiles and assists in helping the room feel bigger. It is also available in 1700mm size and can be purchased in full white. This bath has been perfectly paired with the Eleanor wall mixer and bath spout, the curved floor bath spout is a beautiful addition and elevates the bath’s overall presence in the room.
  3. The Shower
    This shower screen is from the sleek and streamlined Lorna range. It is featured in a 900mm x 900mm size, perfectly paired with the Goudy 900mm base. The tapware installed is the Mariah shower head with rail with matching Eleanor wall mixer. Choosing external shower head and rail set like this one references the shower rail tapware of the past.
  4. The Accessories
    The bath caddy and towel ladder are from the Retreat range of timber accessories, the introduction of the natural wood softens the design and adds a more casual appeal with country charm. The bath caddy and its contents (more particularly the glass of red) makes me want to slip into the bath and relax after a long day.
  5. The Tiles
    - The selection of floor tiles brings this design to life. It grounds the colour pallet and emphasizes the traditional style, even in this small space creating a grand impression. The use of pattern floor tiles in interiors is a growing trend, this has made various options accessible in the market today. The wall tile chosen for this room is a simple white subway tile, it is a subtle choice that complements the look.


The Hepburn bath and Tiffany tapware pictured below are a very popular choice when opting for a more traditional appeal. To see our full range please check out our website or come down to our showroom located in Hallam Victoria where our friendly staff can help you select the products that are right for you.

bathroom bathroom


Thank you for reading our post. We hope we have inspired you to get creative, visit our store to start building your dream design and turn it into a reality today!