Vanity Benchtops

Vanity Benchtops

Are you looking for a benchtop sold separately?

This selection of vanity bench tops are sold individually so you can use on your existing or new bathroom vanity. The application for these benchtops are endless. Each size is listed with a large array of finishes and composition so you can choose the perfect top for your bathroom cabinet.

Choose Timber for its beauty and style or choose stone for its durability and colour options, the choice is yours!

Each bench top is supplied without and tap or waste holes, so you'll need to speak with your installer on drilling holes based on your needs. Do you need a complete vanity instead? No problem, we have a large range of vanity units ranging from cheap to premium.


What is a benchtop?

Also known as the countertop, it is the top of the bathroom vanity or cabinet. The bench top material differs to the cabinet as it needs to be more durable for placing items on top of it.

Can I cut the benchtop myself?

Yes, you can modify the benchtop after you have purchased it to fit your application. However, please keep in mind, you will need to discuss this with your installer to ensure they have the tools and skill to modify the tops.

Do the benchtops need to be sealed?

No the benchtops are already sealed, however, if you make any changes to the size, you may need to re-finish the side you have cut. Its best to speak with your installer to ensure the final result expectation is met.

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  1. Sale Vanity Benchtop 600x500 Vanity Benchtop 600x500
    BT-600x500 Vanity Benchtop 600x500
    or 4 interest-free payment of $13.69
  2. Sale Vanity Benchtop 750x500 Vanity Benchtop 750x500
    BT-750x500 Vanity Benchtop 750x500
    or 4 interest-free payment of $14.94
  3. Sale Vanity Benchtop 900x500 Vanity Benchtop 900x500
    BT-900x500 Vanity Benchtop 900x500
    or 4 interest-free payment of $17.38
  4. Sale Vanity Benchtop 1050x500 Vanity Benchtop 1050x500
    BT-1050x500 Vanity Benchtop 1050x500
    or 4 interest-free payment of $17.5
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