How Do I Get More Storage in My Bathroom?


Bathrooms are hot spots for clutter, particularly family bathrooms. With beauty products, hair care, bath toys, towels and dirty laundry being the usual culprits that fill up your spaces, sometimes your storage or bathroom utility could be letting you down!

If you are currently undergoing a bathroom renovation, you may want to think strategically about your storage options. However even if you are not undergoing a major renovation, there are plenty of improvements that can be made with no renovation necessary.

Here are some clever and creative ways of introducing more storage in your bathroom!


1. Choose Your Vanity Wisely 

When planning a renovation and deciding on your fixtures, choosing the right vanity can result in increased practical storage. To optimise storage, a freestanding cabinet might be the obvious choice, but you might also like to consider the benefits of a wall mounted vanity, the empty space underneath would be perfect for storing baskets for dirty laundry or extra toilet paper.

Choosing a vanity with deep drawers will also give you added storage space. Choosing a vanity with drawers vs doors will give you more practical storage. Drawers that allow full extensions will mean you can visually see the whole storage space and make all the space useful, when compared to vanities with doors, as it’s not ergonomic to reach all the way back which means the storage is not as useful as first thought.


2. Baskets 

Baskets are the perfect combination of stylish and practical. Rattan woven baskets are especially trendy at the moment and relatively inexpensive to buy from places like Kmart or Target. This also means you can easily swap them out as fashions change.

Store extra towels, toilet paper, beauty products or bath toys neatly in a basket to reap the rewards of extra storage while giving a streamlined look.

Finding space for good sized laundry basket will also help with stopping dirty laundry and towels piling up on the floor.


3. Mirror Cabinets

Everyone needs a mirror in their bathroom. Why not optimise practicality by replacing your simple mirror with a mirror cabinet so you can store some of your everyday items such as toothbrushes, skin care, hair styling products, as accessing them at face level is much more ergonomic than reaching into a cabinet to access.

TIP: Ask your electrician install power outlets inside the mirror cabinet so you can have your electric toothbrush charger hidden or you can simply hide the power outlet away for a more minimal and sophisticated look.


4. Shelves 

Floating shelves can look sophisticated while simultaneously allowing you to store extra items in your bathroom. You could also use your shelves for décor and put candles and picture frames up high instead of cluttering up your vanity space.


5. Ladders

Adding a natural timber towel ladder instantly creates a rustic vibe to your bathroom while providing a space for your towels to hang. Since they sit close to the wall it is a space saver as well! As you don't have to permanently  install them, ladders are a great option if you are renting. 

However, you don’t have to just hang towels, get creative with some hanging baskets or caddies to amplify storage.


6. Towel Hooks

Just like a towel ladder towel hooks don’t have to be just for towels or robes!

You could hang jewellery, hair straighteners, brushes or baskets from these nifty hooks. They give you a great opportunity to be thoughtful about what you hang, what can look deliberate and pleasing to the eye while being completely practical!


7. Renovate Your Old Vanity

If you can’t replace your vanity, you could make some modifications to your existing one to give you more storage. The empty space on the back of cabinet doors can easily be modified by adding a hanging caddy or screwing some hooks to hang items for extra storage. 

If items like your hair dryer or straightener are bulky and take up too much space on the shelf, fixing some holders on the back of the cabinet door is a great solution.

You could also add some towel hooks or small rails to the outer sides of the vanity cabinet to hang items or smaller storage baskets.

TIP: Only opt to ‘renovate’ older vanities, as modifications to a new vanity might compromise its warranty.

8. Shower Storage

Investing in a good wall mounted shelf for your shower will provide extra storage and make all the difference to how cluttered your bathroom feels! With soaps, scrubs and hair products neatly tucked away and organised you’ll instantly feel more relaxed in your shower, not frustrated from kicking over bottles you store on the floor of your shower!

In you are renovating, you could incorporate a storage niche into the wall for the ultimate inbuilt solution. Why stop there, you could also add a niche above your freestanding bathtub.


9. Utilise The Back Side Of A Swinging Door 

The back of your standard hinge door can be the perfect place to hang towels or a hanging storage item like baskets or pockets! Treat your door like extra wall space, you can put towel rails, towel hooks or a full-length mirror if your wall space is limited.




We hope these tips and tricks are useful in your bathroom. Good luck!

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