Should You Buy A Black Granite Kitchen Sink?


If you are planning on renovating your kitchen you may be faced with the big question of “what kind of sink should I get?” It is one of the most frequently used features in a kitchen, so you need to ensure that it is durable and aesthetically pleasing to stand the test of time. There are numerous options available to you from classic stainless steel, solid surface, ceramic or natural marble, all with various pros and cons. So which option do you go for?

Before you answer, have you thought about a granite kitchen sink? An engineered granite sink is made up of natural granite and composite material to ensure durability, and this makes it the perfect solution for your kitchen sink dilemma. Similar to the engineered stone top most people opt for in the kitchen or your bathroom vanity, an engineered stone surface gives you both beauty and practicality.

A striking black kitchen sink is sure to make a statement but aside from attractiveness, composite granite kitchen sinks have many practical benefits too.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a granite kitchen sink:



Composite granite offers the highest level of durability due to the high density of rock particles at the sinks surface. Our granite kitchen sinks are made up of a composite material, 80% natural granite fragments and 20% resin to provide structure and an impermeable finish.

Engineering the granite material makes the sink material less porous than 100% natural granite, this makes it more durable and retains its natural look over time.

This balance of natural stone and resin creates a consistent colour and smooth finish. Unlike 100% granite sinks which are porous, a composite granite sink will not need to be sealed to be protected which brings the installation & maintenance cost much lower.

Composite granite material is also highly resistant to heat, scratches, chipping, water marks and acidic liquids. These features are the exact quality you want in a kitchen sink that gets used frequently and is subjected to daily wear and tear.


When you compare a granite and stainless steel sink, such as the Toronto Double Square Sink and Ontario Double Square Granite Sink, composite granite sinks are generally more expensive. However, even though you might be paying more for a granite sink, the investment might pay off once the renovation is complete. Increasing the quality of fixtures which can give the kitchen an impressive look, this is essential when trying to create the aesthetic of a high-end renovation.

Easy To Clean 



Keeping your sink clean and hygienic is simple with a composite granite sink. The smooth surface due to the composite materials manufacturing process gives the material anti-bacterial properties and helps keep nasty germs away.

Since water marks and stains do not show up on the surface all is required to clean your sinks is a sponge and some light detergent. For tougher stains avoid using harsh chemicals on this material as it may damage the surface. Instead, opt for a natural remedy of baking soda and vinegar and scrub with a non-abrasive brush or sponge.

We also recommend using our range of Lithofin products on your composite granite sink such as the Lithofin Easy Clean for everyday cleaning and Lithofin Power Clean for the occasional deep clean.

Noise Reduction

Due to its solid structure, this sink will not cause a racket if you accidentally drop a fork into the sink. Composite granite material has natural sound reduction capabilities and there is a very noticeable difference to sound output when compared to a stainless-steel kitchen sink. For a bustling family kitchen this may be an added benefit that will be appreciated time and time again. No more waking up light sleepers with early morning or late-night kitchen use.


Composite granite sinks come in wide variety of colour and shapes. This variety enables you to get creative with the aesthetic of your kitchen. Our striking black granite kitchen sinks are ultra-stylish and modern but have undeniable practicality.


We love that a black granite kitchen sink gives off vibes of luxury but does not require such high maintenance or extra expense

Ultimately, a composite granite kitchen sink is an ideal choice for style and practicality. For a high-quality sink, you should absolutely buy a granite kitchen sink.

If you think a granite kitchen sink is for you, check out our Ontario range of black granite kitchen sinks!

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