8 Forgotten Places That Harbor Germs In Your Bathroom | Fontaine

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean in your home. It’s a space that is constantly used. Aside from the main items to clean, we’re going to remind of you places that you may be missing in your cleaning process and places where germs might be lurking.


You should be cleaning your light switch. Given the room that it’s in, it may look clean, but often germs are congregating on this surface. This bad boy is used every single day without thought, just flick the switch on and off, but your hands harbour dirt that you haven’t washed off and when you do wash it off, gets re-contaminated when you touch the light switch again.


If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, it’s time to clean that too. As we all know, dust builds up over time and more quickly than we’d like to admit. The exhaust fan helps prevent mould and bacteria in the air by pulling it through the fan. Aim to clean this at least twice a year to ensure that your fan isn’t distributing all the built-up dust and dirt as you’re inside your bathroom.


Toothbrush holders, if you have them. Grime and mould can accumulate at the bottom of your toothbrush holder because there is always (or for those of us who don’t dry the toothbrush) moisture left over from using the toothbrush. To keep this clean, we recommend rinsing well with vinegar and leaving it to air dry.


Toilet roll holders are one of the easiest to oversee, because why would the holder be so important, it’s just the holder? However, cleaning this is also beneficial. Bacteria and germs build up as this is another surface that they can attach to. It’s also touched by different people so to keep your bathroom clean, it’s important to clean this too – especially if you’re shared living.


Just like the light switch, flush buttons and door handles should be regularly cleaned as well. This is used every time you use the bathroom, and therefore a thriving ground for germs and bacteria.


Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the toilet brush. It stays in its little home and we generally have the out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentally associated with it. But cleaning your toilet brush is crucial. Its purpose is to clean your toilet and while most of us brush off the idea (pun intended), if it’s looking a little worse for wear definitely discard it, otherwise let it soak in vinegar overnight.


Clean your shower grate too. Removing hair regularly isn’t enough to clean this item. There is a lot of products that get washed through your drain and could damage and rust your grate if you’re not careful enough.


Finally, don’t forget to clean the outside of your toilet bowl and under the toilet seat. It’s important not to neglect the outside when you’re cleaning the inside also. There’s a lot of factors as to why the outside of your toilet gets dirty so it’s just as crucial to keep it clean. Remember, it might look clean but more often than not, it’s exactly that; not clean.