Star Sign by Design - Capricorn | Fontaine

With Saturn as their ruling planet, the Capricorn is disciplined, responsible and enjoys the elegance of life.

A traditionalist in almost all things in their lives, Capricorn is the sign that represents all things responsibility with an edge that gives them ability to lead the way. 

Conservative by nature, Capricorns are methodical people who are at ease when there is consistency and conformity, you will rarely find a Capricorn that challenges societal norms.

It is no surprise then that the architectural style for Capricorn is traditional. Capricorns find peace in the classic lines of traditional architecture and interior design. This suits their inclination for their need of convention.

Given their disciplined approach to life, Capricorns are notorious for being an organised sign. They are drawn to the solid construction of pieces which is reinforced by their fondness in reliability. Practicality drives their design choices, by nature they are realists and aren’t likely to be whisked away by fluff of fancy items. It is therefore beneficial for Capricorns to acquire items that aid them in their everyday. 

Capricorns’ bathroom space will benefit from including products such as mirror cabinets and nano-coating showers. Mirror cabinets boast excellent storage and by design are very classic and minimal – perfect for the everyday Capricorn. Nano-coating showers are the ultimate addition to a Capricorns bathroom because it’s a type of product where they will see continual benefits. Capricorns are willing to invest in pieces that will last the distance and nano-coated shower screens add a generous increase in a shower screens lifespan. As a necessity to the everyday, toilets are another item for good investment. Not vain in design, Capricorns search for function of the product. At the convenience and simplicity of no rim, the rimless toilet makes for a significantly easier clean. With a direct flush technique, efficiency is heightened in a rimless toilet

Whilst being selective in their choice, Capricorns appreciate fine things in life and are attracted to an elegant aesthetic, but don’t be fooled, they are not pretentious nor boastful about their choices. They usually enjoy a quiet elegance appreciating timeless design and quality. As such, Capricorns find solace in the elegance of chrome fittings sprinkled throughout their homes. Although, Capricorns lean toward a traditional design aesthetic this can coincide with acquiring antique pieces or finding items that bring out an antique essence. Gold tap fittings embrace that vintage edge that Capricorns are drawn to in a classy and elegant way which suits their design desires.


Capricorns spend copious amounts of time in their kitchens, it’s a utilitarian room to them, and as such their design emphasis will be solely focussed on function rather than style or form. Capricorns are more inclined to prefer a kitchen that utilises drawers rather than cupboards and therefore they should invest quite a bit of time planning for all their appliances to have designated spaces throughout – although this won’t be too difficult for Capricorns as they thrive for responsibility and discipline. Capricorns will do well including appliances in their homes that are reliable, practical and good quality. With an aversion to eccentric styling, integrated dishwashers embody the very design nature Capricorns enjoy. An oven like the Pyrolytic really embraces function for their kitchen experiences as well as investing in good-quality pieces.



Celebrity Capricorns!

Ellie Goulding 30th Dec
Tiger Woods 30th Dec
Bradley Cooper 5th Jan
Elvis 8th Jan
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 9th Jan
Betty White 17th Jan