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Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarians are optimistic, curious and are directed by their insatiable thirst for wanderlust.

The travel tendencies of Sagittarians may come across as careless, with their carefree nature, but given their adventurous ambitions, a home of a Sagittarius will showcase the collection of styles that they come across through their travels.

With an eclectic architectural style, Sagittarians are drawn to a relaxed style of living with comfort the underlying factor. You will most likely find that a Sagittarians home is furnished with a mixture of curated pieces, old and new, with many textures splashed throughout. 

Sagittarians symbol is the archer, signifying an unconstrained and wild nature. Like other fire signs, Sagittarians need to be continually in touch with the world. One with the outdoors, the home of a Sagittarius will bode well including rustic elements, appealing to their love of nature. Furniture mainly made up of wood will balance a space in a Sagittarian home.

As freedom is an underlying influence to a Sagittarius, a bohemian and coastal style is an aesthetic that a Sagittarian will tend to appreciate. Due to their free-spirits, they are drawn to earthy finishes and textures and these will appear throughout their space. Sagittarians crave wide, open spaces and will find solace in rooms that use that design.

Sagittarians will bode well in creating a calming bathroom space. The most important aspect to their home is to be able to be one with nature. A freestanding bath overlooking the outdoors is beneficial to their design. The ambitious qualities in a Sagittarius means that they’re not afraid to take risks and will procure items that the other signs might be too hesitant to try. A shower screen like the Long Island is a perfect strong design choice given its reflective finish and it embraces their love of open spaces. Installed near a window, a Sagittarius will feel like they’re bathing in nature.

Inherently, timber pieces are a must in a Sagittarian home. This pays homage to their symbol as the archer has always used timber for their arrow. Timber vanities, bath caddies and towel ladders speak to their intrinsic desires of the outdoors and nature which also delivers on their need for a home that has a feeling of warmth and wanderlust.


The kitchen of a Sagittarius will be a simple space intricately designed with pieces from travels. Not the most organised of the zodiacs, a Sagittarius will benefit taking the time to plan their kitchen design to help them be more organised on the daily. Installing appliances that take the trouble of tiresome tasks away – because as we know, the thrive for life is around travel and not mundane tasks – will allow a Sagittarius to focus exactly on that. A pyrolytic oven is the perfect example. This allows for ease of comfort as the appliance does the cleaning for you, and thus more time to focus on the adventures of life. With their element of fire and affinity to nature, a gas-burner cooktop perfectly embraces being one with their sign and embodies the essentials Sagittarians look for in curating pieces.

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2nd December
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 13th December
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18th December
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