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Who Lives Here: Sonia, Sefgi, their 3 year old daughter and pet staffy 
Location: Glenroy, Victoria

Our bathroom was last renovated about 12 years ago and sometime before that we became the new owners.

The layout was no longer practical for us as the shower space was quite narrow and the bathroom and vanity took up a fair bit of space, so it felt quite crammed. The tiles were decorative but somewhat outdated so it was definitely time for a change to refresh and modernise the space.

Our goal was to create a relaxing, modern and tranquil ambience in our new bathroom. After a busy day nothing beats a serene bathroom space to unwind and wash away the day.

Initially, we didn’t have any specific style preferences, but we were guided by the expertise from our local Fontaine bathroom consultant who was very helpful in reaching the final design.

We loved Fontaine’s Hamilton Natural vanity unit and we have fallen in love with the black taps trend. From there, we chose tiles to complement these bathroom features we liked.

We wanted to keep it simple yet modern and choose something which would last the distance - so it would still look great in 5 years’ time. The timber vanity and the black tapware helps to achieve this overall look.

The process was initially overwhelming being our first renovation. We wanted to be well prepared.

To start with, we decided on a budget and considered all the trades and materials. It was a challenge being a novice renovator. The whole process took about 4 weeks.

Without a doubt, our biggest fail was the bath... 

Our bathroom space is quite limited so combining a bath/shower meant we would be able to have a second toilet. To do this though we needed to make sure the inset bath seamlessly fit into the cavity of the walls which if you don’t get the precise measurements could be disastrous, so it helps to get professionals to do some parts of your renovation if you’re thinking of doing the same.

We had no idea that baths, although sold with specific measurements, have a variance in manufacturing. This means that when we ordered an inset bath (from a non-Fontaine supplier) at 450mm wide we got one that was only 350mm which makes a huge difference when used as a combination shower/bath.

We ended up having to buy two different baths and lucky for us, Fontaine were able to source a bath that was perfect.

We also didn’t realise how much plumbing would cost which sunk a big hole in our budget.

Other costs we didn’t anticipate are things like the plugs for the basins/bath and the tapware. Everything is sold separate, which we didn’t anticipate but these were only minor costs.

The thing that surprisingly made a huge positive difference was the inset mirror cabinet.

It means we have more space in the bathroom and could afford to put in a more slimline vanity without compromising the space. The mirror cabinet was an excellent choice. The mirror is certainly one of my favourite features of the room along with the timber vanity and black fixtures.

Every time we step into our new bathroom, it feels like an inviting and relaxing space and everything goes so well together. The black tapware blends so well with the rest of the colour scheme and gives it a refreshing feel.

If you’re thinking of renovating, our biggest tip is to plan and prepare ahead and be sure to consult with the experts. Be sure to budget in contingency spending especially for those extra costs you don’t encounter. If you experience delays or issues or want to change your mind about the positioning of tapware or other items, you have time to make these changes.

We love the positive feedback and reactions from all our family and friends. We’ve actually inspired a few friends to renovate their bathrooms now!

If we had another shower or toilet facility at home during the renovation the experience may have been better which was made more difficult when you have a toddler. My tip would be to make sure you have a friend or relative close by if you’re thinking of doing a renovation, just so it makes your life that bit easier during this time.

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