Star Sign by Design - Leo | Fontaine

Creative, passionate and generous; Leo, ultimately the proudest of the zodiacs, is undoubtably the fiercest sign.

Leos often relate to the ‘king of the jungle’ lifestyle with a design flamboyancy that satiates their need for a fierce self-expression.

Designing a space for a Leo needs to include elements of warmth that can be found through fireplaces or areas that are basked in a blanket of warm sunlight. Leos love rooms that are warm and inviting and typically avoid ultra-modern, austere furnishings.

The home is a Leo’s castle. Every room is well thought out and curated. As one of the biggest spenders in the zodiac, Leos love to indulge on the finer things in life. Leos appreciate luxury and have pride showing it off. Not surprisingly, gold is a colour for the Leo and is the very essence of luxury.

Gold fixtures in a Leo’s bathroom, kitchen and laundry will ignite their regal design aesthetic and are perfectly suited in their lion’s den. Glimmers of gold in a Leo's shower, taps and wastes add a touch of decadence without overwhelming the space.


Luxurious textures such as these marble textured basins are also highly favourable to Leos:


Whilst Leos are a bold zodiac with a powerful spirit to them, they are also warm-hearted and romantic. Inspired by their decadent tastes, a bathroom with a romantic ambience is a quintessential space for a Leo. Every leader also needs their rest, and what better day to do this on than a Sunday which favourably is Leo’s day. After their busy days, Leos love nothing more than to relax and pamper themselves.

The Monroe bath would be a chic, luxurious centrepiece in the Leo bathroom. This stunning bold black accent is also a practical addition for some quality pampering and relaxation time. Follow the iconic style of Coco Chanel (who is unsurprisingly also a Leo) and accentuate glamour in your bathroom sanctuary.

Embodying an avid, creative spirit, Leos also love to let loose and experiment with their creativity in the kitchen (is it any wonder Martha Stewart is also a Leo). A powerful oven, such as this SALINI Pyrolytic Oven is paramount to the Leo who is almost always entertaining and getting creative in the kitchen.



If you’re invited to a Leo’s home, you’re almost always guaranteed to have a great time! Leos love to entertain and their generous nature means they make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves.

With a barrage of family and friends, Leo’s generosity comes through by entertaining for their loved ones and are very protective of these people who are in, what Leo’s like to think of as, their pack. Their lifestyle may come across as ostentatious, but it is also through this that they show their appreciation to those who they love.  

Celebrity Leo Style Influencers:

Jennifer Lopez July 24th
Mick Jagger July 26th
Yves Saint Laurent August 1st
Jennifer Lawrence August 15th
Charlise Theron August 7th
Rodger Federer August 8th
Michael Kors August 9th
Kylie Jenner August 10th
Madonna August 16th
Coco Chanel August 19th