Star Sign by Design - Virgo | Fontaine

The most organised of the zodiacs, this month we’re talking all about Virgos.

The Virgo, which symbol is represented by the Virgin, encompasses the qualities such as modesty which, to Virgos, is a noble value as they love to indulge in their analytical nature.

Despite being a shy and overly critical sign, Virgos find solace in this is as they tune into what they know and do best – having order.

With a minimalist architectural style, Virgos often have a refined sense of space and a keen eye for detail. Their strengths lie in their analytical minds, their loyalty and hardworking nature.

It is because of this that a Virgo is satisfied by the simplicity of design with an aversion to mess and most things flashy as they dislike taking centre stage.

Visual clutter is a big no-no for the Virgo which is why mirror cabinets are a great element of both design and practicality, utilising their meticulous nature as well as their minimalist design aesthetic. It may not seem like much to the other zodiacs, but door handles are another design element that Virgo’s aren’t too fussed about, so vanities that have a push-to-open or lack handles completely are the way to go for the Virgo!


With Earth their ruling element, earthy tones are a must throughout a Virgo’s home. Any type of grey, beige, or even pale yellow are colours that complement the Virgo’s colour palette. Timber vanities or timber top vanities pay homage whilst still being a minimalist, organised piece.


Strengths that come with the Virgo are loyalty and their hardworking ethic, which is why Virgo’s love to cook for their nearest and dearest. Their love of food is a grand inspiration for them to cook. Induction cooktops are the perfect sleekness of design and practicality. The easy-to-clean design is further enhanced by its minimalist, simple surface. Virgos would also enjoy cooking with a Pyrolytic Oven as this appliance can self-clean giving a Virgo ease of mind. 


Celebrity Virgos!

Stella McCartney 13th September
Tom Ford 27th August
Beyoncé 4th September
Karl Lagerfeld 10th September
Blake Lively 25th August
Cameron Diaz 30th August