One basin or two? The classic ensuite debate

Twin or single basins?

The typical dilemma couples face when designing their ensuite bathroom. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both...


Double Basins Pros

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Personal Space 

The main reason couples favour double basins is because they lead busy lives and need to access the bathroom at the same time.

You'll never have to fight to use one single tap. Also when you have double basins it means no one will ever spit toothpaste on your hand as you're washing up. With your own designated sink area it means you can also keep your moisturisers and shaving kit as you like it without having your partner rearrange or knock anything over. In addition, you don't have to cringe at the toothpaste and shavings concoction left behind by your better half as your brushing your teeth. Let's face it, there's certain things you both don't need to see of each other.


Makes your bathroom more attractive for buyers

Adding an extra basin will create a more desirable bathroom to attract buyers and renters. Investing in a double sink is a luxury item that many people will appreciate.


Double Basin Cons


More expensive

It costs more to plumb an extra sink. To accommodate an extra sink, you will also require a larger bathroom vanity units. This will typically cost more. However, the extra investment will likely be worth it. Fortunately, if you desire this luxurious double basin look you can get it for less at Fontaine.

Buying a ready built double sink vanity is the easiest and generally the most affordable option. Custom vanities are tailored to your exact wishes but require a lot more time and effort. You and your partner will have to hire a cabinet maker and/or designer to sift through all the endless possibilities. The hassle, wasted time and extra expense of this process can be eleviated by buying a ready made double basin vanity from Fontaine. We have a large range of double sink vanity options to choose from. Most of our vanities have the option for selecting your bench material (e.g. stone, timber, concrete) as well as a large selection of basin styles to complement your ensuite design.


Requiring extra space

A bigger vanity for your double sinks means you need to allocate enough space in your ensuite. If your ensuite is a small space it may not be the best choice. Fontaine double basin vanities are available in sizes 1200mm and 1500mm. Fitting double sinks on a smaller vanity will mean there's less room between the basins and you will be banging elbows with your partner. 

If you absolutely can't fit a double vanity into your small ensuite, Fontaine has some stylish smaller vanity options to choose from.

Double sinks will take up more space on your vanity bench that could be used to place bathroom appliances, towels etc. However, if you have storage cabinets available in your bathroom it's shouldn't be a problem.

Although, having less vanity bench space could reduce the opportunity to store unnecessary items and encourage less clutter.


So one or two? Overall, if you have the space available, a double vanity is an investment that is well worth considering.