12 Surprising Ways To Use Your Dishwasher

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Dirty thongs can look like new again after a clean in your dishwasher! Make sure they are sitting securely in the top rack so they don't move around during the high pressure cycles.





Hairbrushes & Combs

Your hairbrush may be home to housands of colonies of bacteria if you don't wash it occasionally. Remove all the stray hairs and place them in the silverware tray for a thorough clean. Only clean plastic brushes and combs in the dishwasher as wooden or bristle brushes may get ruined.




Rangehood mesh filters 

Over time your rangehood filters can get a build of grease so why not pop them in the dishwasher for a thorough clean! Make sure your mesh filter is dishwasher safe before use. 





Gum Boots

Clean your gum boots in the dishwasher to disinfect them and remove any pungent sweat or rainwater odours. Lay them horixontally for a good clean up.


Refrigerator Shelves

Between leaking meat juices and spilled food, your fridge can get really gross really fast. Instead of scrubbing every last inch clean, place those shelves in with your other dishes. 


Pencil Holders, In-trays and other metal or plastic stationairy

When it comes to cleaning, common desk items like penholders and trays for scrap paper often get overlooked. If they’re metal or plastic, toss them in your next dishwasher load.


Stove Knobs

These are probably the last things you think of cleaning in your kitchen, but they can get dirty quickly. If they’re removable, throw them in the dishwasher's silverware tray.




Tweezers and other plastic or metal cosmetic tools

Most cosmetic tools like nail clippers, tweezers and plastic makeup brushes are dishwasher safe.




Shaving Razors

Apart from hair, razors can get dirty from accumulated chemicals in your shaving cream and salts from the water. When you wash them in a dishwasher, use liquid detergent - tablets can leave grit on the blades.




Kids toys

Don't forget that germs can linger on your kids' toys. Disinfect them by putting them in a mesh lingerie bag on the top shelf of your dishwasher and let the normal cycle run.




Pet toys and bowls

Most pet bowls are safe to put in the dishwasher (check the labels to be sure). This saves you from having to handwash the slobber and dirt by hand. For hygiene reasons, keep your pet accessories in a separate wash from your kitchen items and utensils.






Putting your sponges on the hottest setting of your dishwasher will kill most of the germs.