Sponsoring the Great Art & Sale Show

There is a saying that “Art is the most important part of any room. Nothing is finished without art”. For home renovators, you should never overlook the power of art as it is not just a final touch, it is the element that will define the personality of your home.

As we are specialized in kitchen and bathroom renovation, we know the importance of decorative art and  how it has the power to transform a space and inject personality that is personal. This year, we are glad to have the chance to be the major sponsor of one of the best art shows in Melbourne – The Great Art Show! We are delighted to be able to sponsor this year’s art show, to help showcase Australia’s top and upcoming artist’s work and help bring the community together and celebrate their talents.

The Great Art & Sale Show

Featuring the finest art by leading Victorian & interstate artists, the Great Art & Sale Show is recognised as one of the most premium art events in Victoria. It is the largest and greatest art show in the southeast with over 3000 patrons. The show is presented to you by the not-for-profit artist society Provenance Artists, making it a great chance for you to meet the best local and interstate artists and learn more about their fascinating work! Artwork is for sale at the event and you can enjoy up to 50% off some of the amazing and original art pieces created by Australian artists. We will be celebrating at the show, and we’ll have exclusive discounts codes on site for the patrons of the show. Don’t miss out on this great chance to pick up your favourite art pieces and enjoy the discount for your next home renovation!

Opening Night: 7:00pm, 8 April, 2022

Show Date: 9-10 April 2022

Show Time: 10am-4pm

Location: Nossal High School Auditorium, Federation University Campus, Clyde Road Berwick

Why Does Art Matter to Your Home?

If you want to entice the attention of the visitors in a matter of seconds when entering your home, then a focal point is something you can never overlook. A strong focal point will instantly draw the eye into the space and create a wow effect. When it comes down to creating a focal point, the easiest and most effective method is to choose a great piece of wall art. Art as a focal point that can inject personality into the interior design in a way that no other fixtures can, there is flexibility to be bold without any fear as it’s not a permanent fixture and can be changed at any time. Choosing interesting pieces can inspire your guests to talk about the art and allow for intimate conversation about the piece and about art interests which can help you get to know them better.

When the art is hanging on the wall, the colours, textures, lines and shapes will instantly bring your room to life. When you choose art, it is important to consider the size and proportion of the piece. An artwork too small is likely to look weak and isolated, while an oversize artwork can make the space too cluttered and make your room look small and restrained. Make sure you make measurements before choosing your favourite art pieces for your lovely home.

It provides an instant color palette

Most people will leave art as the final touch to their home design and renovation. However, if you think outside of the box and find the perfect wall art first before anything else, you can be inspired by it to help you set the colour palette for the design and styling. Once you find the right artwork that you absolutely love, you can use that as the base of your room’s colour palette. Picking up a basic shade from the art as the dominant colour, and another two to three colours as the secondary and accent colour. You can use these colours for choosing your wall paintings, kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, and they are sure to match each other! The only other thing one needs to consider is the ratio of these colours.

It brings a sense of texture

Texture in a design can be likened to an artist’s brush stroke on a painting. The texture of all surfaces and finishes in a space can be chosen carefully to create another dimension of the design. When you need some extra texture for your room, wall art is the best and most flexible choice. You can not only choose from a watercolour painting or oil painting that will give you visual texture, but also pick up a wall sculpture or shadow boxes that will add much more depth to the room. The frame of the artwork will also change the atmosphere of your room. A natural wooden frame will match perfectly with a timber bathroom vanity, while a metal frame will suit a sleeker modern home design. If you prefer the kind of eclectic or avant-garde style, a mixture of traditional arts and trending digital arts can be a good choice that will be sure to make your room stand out.

Customer project in Dandenong, Victoria

This photo shows a bathroom renovation project from one of our customers in Dandenong. When entering the bathroom, the two art pieces hanging on the tile wall instantly draw the attention of the eyes of the visitors. The pink and yellow colour and timber frame act as second colours that add an extra layer of warmth and coziness to this clean white bathroom. When you see the frames, their slightly rough texture contrast well with the gloss marble tiles that tone down the sleekness of the design while creating an intimate atmosphere in the space. The artwork creates a wow effect and increases the interest in the overall design, they nailed it in using artworks to level up the bathroom renovation project!

Fontaine Industries

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Come to the Great Art Sale & Show and get your exclusive discount code on site! Choose your appliances and fixtures from our stylish products ranges to match the beautiful artwork pieces you’ll get from the show! Our website is a great place to start to view our range shop for delivery to your doorstep; or you can choose to pick up at our warehouse located in Hallam. We welcome you to come into our retail showrooms to shop or to get inspired for your next project. Our friendly team are ready to answer any of your enquiries, you can call us on 03 9703 1345, chat online, or email us on sales@fontaineind.com.au