Why should you buy a kitchen appliance package

Whether you are doing a renovation or building a new kitchen, kitchen appliances are key element of the project for many reasons. Beautiful kitchen appliances will finish off your kitchen renovation and give you a luxurious feel. Aside from the impact they can give to your kitchen design, they are also highly functional and will be used regularly for many years to come.

However, shopping for kitchen appliances can sometimes feel overwhelming due to the array of options and prices in the market. To simplify this process and take a much-needed load off your plate – we strongly recommend you consider shopping for a kitchen appliance package instead. By choosing a kitchen appliance package, you’ll get a curated selection of kitchen appliances that are tailored to match your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetics.

What is a kitchen appliance package

A kitchen appliance package is a selection of appliances put together as a bundle for sale. Kitchen appliance bundles can include different kitchen appliances depending on brand or manufacturer. However generally, most of the kitchen appliance bundles are designed for a full kitchen renovation. You can expect them to include a cooktop, a rangehood, an oven and sometimes a dishwasher or even taps and sinks.

Why should you choose to buy a kitchen appliance package?

You might wonder if it’s a good idea to buy a kitchen appliance package rather than pick up your favourite individual products. Here are some of our top reasons to buy a kitchen package:

Quicker and easier shopping

To save time and effort and avoid potential risks, it is a good idea to look at the kitchen appliance packages. With a kitchen appliance bundle, you’ll get equipment that have been curated and tailored for you to suit your cooking and design needs. You don’t need to waste time comparing each individual product anymore. All you need to do is to pick up the package that suits your needs

Better prices

Another big advantage of buying a kitchen appliance package is that it will help you to save a lot of money. Many brands will have offers or discounts specifically for kitchen appliance bundles as it is a bulk buy. These sales can help you to easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to buying all products individually. If your budget is tight, choosing a kitchen appliance package is a no-brainer.

Perfect match in design

Kitchen appliances are an important part of the overall kitchen design. A slightly colour or size difference of one product can compromise the look of your whole kitchen. Buying a kitchen package can mitigate the potential risk of this kind of bad matches. The appliances in a package from the same brand are normally selected to match in size, finish, design, colour and material that will help achieve all your design needs.

Smooth cooking experience

To have a better cooking experience, designing a good workflow in the kitchen is the key. Kitchen appliances play a huge role in the cooking workflow. Appliances from different brands can compromise the workflow as operation methodology might vary from brand to brand.

However, with a kitchen package, you’ll usually get same or similar buttons and logic for operating the appliances, which will give you a smoother cooking experience.

How to choose the right kitchen appliance package

Although choosing a kitchen appliance package is an easier process compared with choosing individual products, you will still need to consider brands and your usage vs budget.

Stick to the budget

Kitchen appliance packages can vary in prices depending on the products included. Similar to when you plan for the renovation project, it is necessary and handy to set a budget before indulging into looking for a suitable kitchen package. Many factors will increase the price of a kitchen appliance package, including upgraded model and finish, smart features, larger capacity, more cooking modes and so on.

Focus on what you need

Before settling your budget, it is best to figure out what kitchen appliances you use in your daily life. If you love cooking and cook for your whole family, a full set of kitchen appliances with larger capacity would be a great choice. However, if you live by yourself and seldom cook, a basic kitchen package with only essential cooking appliances is more than enough to suit your lifestyle.

Don’t decide on impulse

When browsing kitchen appliances online or in a showroom, it is easy to be attracted by fancy design, high tech features or certain brand names. However, before you throw down your money with excitement, calm down and review what you really need.

Think about if you really need the WIFI function for the oven. Maybe it’s not a good idea to spend $500 on the extra mode that you will never use. Give yourself some cool down time before making the decision, it’s a good idea to ask your family and friends if you are unsure.

Shop for reliable brands

Reliability is the key to kitchen appliances as they might be used every day for many years. However, when you do your research, you may be surprised to see that brands with highest prices are not always the most reliable ones. It might be just the fancy features that increase the price.

At Fontaine, we only source and select the best quality value-for-money products to make our kitchen appliances packages. Our kitchen packages range from Starter Pack to Deluxe Pack that will satisfy all your needs. All our kitchen appliances come with great reliability, high energy efficiency, and comprehensive warranties.

Browse our website for more information. If you have made your decision, don’t hesitate to come to our showroom to experience the products! Our team of experts will help you to select the most suitable kitchen appliance package with competitive prices.


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