Shower Grate With Tile Insert 900

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Installed Size: 900x70x75mm
Waste: 50mm outlet with removable drain hair catcher
Construction: Premium Stainless Steel 316 (marine grade)
Configuration: Centre drain outlet & removable/reversible tile insert
Accreditation: AU Standard & Watermark
Warranty: 5 Year Product Warranty

This streamlined stainless steel shower grate is made from marine grade premium stainless steel 316. It is designed to be installed in showers with a tile base. This waste has a reversible insert, you can choose to have it as a brushed finished or as a tile insert. When using the insert, the floor tile can be laid in the top piece to create an almost invisible look. The centre drain outlet includes a catcher to prevent things being lost down the drain and to minimise drain blockages due to hair. A handy tool is included to make lifting the insert from the base easy and damage free.

Our shower grate is not just for showers, but can be utilised in any indoor or outdoor wet area such as laundries, pools or feature areas to provide drainage for overflow water. Installed with the correct fall, this can make wet areas around your home safer and easier to maintain. The compact 900mm length makes this shower grate ideal for smaller areas, or when you want the grate to be discreet.

Also available in 600, 700, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm lengths.

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