The 8 Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaper | Fontaine

Renovating your bathroom is the quickest way to increase the value of your property. However, if the bathroom renovation process isn't organised and budgeted effectively it can easily turn into an expensive project.

Start by having a good look at your current bathroom space.  If there's any features you love, think about making them stand out. If there's any particular features that need to change, make a plan to execute. Research and estimate how much the upgrades will cost so there's no surprises and you don't blow your budget.

Here are some cheap and easy ways to transform your bathroom:


Include some beautiful practical bathroom accessories

Be it a luxurious timber bath caddy or a handy towel ladder, these Fontaine bathroom accessories are chic and portable with no installation required.

2. Spice up your bathroom with artwork

Depending on the look you want to achieve, hanging a beautiful piece of art can dramatically invigorate the look and feel of your bathroom space. We recommend hanging a properly framed print encased in glass as opposed to a canvas to ensure your art can stay in perfect condition and survive the dampness of your bathroom. You may be able to find a bold statement piece will work such as a Picasso print at your local framing shop. Alternatively, your stunning beach photo from your last holiday may be the perfect sentimental and cost effective addition to your bathroom.


3. Paint it yourself

If you're planning on painting your whole house, we recommend hiring a professional painter. For a single room, such as the bathroom, doing it yourself can be achievable.  Consider what kind of ambience you want to achieve before selecting your colours. Take the time to ensure that your window sills and edging are perfectly painted. Ensure your tiles and bathroom furniture are covered with tape and/or newspaper to not stain or damage anything. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to lifting the look of your bathroom. Schedule a quiet weekend, turn on the radio and paint away dreaming of your new bathroom sanctuary.


4. Refresh your caulk and grout

An often overlooked bathroom detail is caulk and grout. For a few dollars you can clean and replace your grouting. You may be surprised at what a difference these small details can make.


5. Limit your bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles can get expensive. Save money by limiting the amount of tiles in your bathroom as much as possible.

Consider different tiling options to keep your costs down:

  • Tiling half way up the wall excluding the shower
  • Use cheap tiles laid in interesting patterns
  • If you have your heart set on an expensive tile, consider using it sparingly as an accent alongside cheaper tiles

Consider painting your current tiles as it is a lot cheaper than replacing them. Ensure you clean and sand them first for the paint to bond. Discuss your options with your local paint shop for the best product to use (for the best adhesion, durability and mould resistant etc).

If you're brave enough, you can also save money by waterproofing your tiles yourself. You don't need a trade licence to do it.

Shower liners are a cheaper way to cover the wall area of the shower. We recommend shower liners because they are much easier to clean and there is less mould adhesion.


6. Upgrade your bathroom fixtures

Replacing your current bathroom fixtures is a small change that can dramatically improve your bathroom's look and feel instantly. At Fontaine, we have a large variety of bathroom taps, hooks and towel rails to get a stylish bathroom look.

We also offer a specialist range of on-trend bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures in matte black and gold. These fixtures are a striking addition that will transform the entire look of your bathroom.


7. Resist the desire to move external plumbing

Typically the most expensive part of any bathroom remodel is moving the plumbing. Unless you absolutely must move a toilet or vanity, to keep costs down work with your current bathroom layout.

Avoid the temptation of DIY plumbing - it is illegal and might cost most in the long run if your plumbing ends up flooding your house.


8. Check out Fontaine bathroom products on sale

At Fontaine our range of bathroom products are affordable and very competitive. If you're looking for a bargain bathroom makeover, you're in the right place. Moreover, we also from time to time have sales with even further reductions.

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Fontaine caters to all budgets. You might be surprised to find you can achieve a really nice renovation for a budget price.