Give Your Bathroom a Makeover Without Renovating | Fontaine

A bathroom renovation can be a big project that you may not be ready for yet.  For the moment, you can do some simple low cost updates that can refresh the look of your bathroom without spending a lot.


Replace your sink and shower fixtures

Simply by changing the look of your taps and showerheads can instantly make your bathroom feel like a day spa.  We have a large variety of bathroom fixtures that will transform and modernise the look of your space.  Decide if you'd like the fixtures to be a dramatic feature or to blend into your bathroom space. Decide if you'd prefer square shapes or organic round. A lot of our customers like to select designs that compliment the look of the rest of their house. If you need a hand, feel free to contact our team for advice.



Refresh your towels

Even though your old towels may be usable, if you have them on display they will effect the look and feel of your bathroom. New towels are a quick and easy way to refresh your bathroom. Consider whether you'd like your towels to be displayed with the same colours or have a statement print in complimentary colours.

Consider whether you're displaying them the best way. At Fontaine we have plenty of storage solutions for towels including towel hooks, towel ladders and heated towel rails.




Include a bathroom plant or a few

For the decadent day spa look bring the outdoors in with some carefully selected indoor plants. Make sure you choose plants that are tolerant to the typical humidity of a bathroom such as an elegant Peace Lilly or Cactus. Ensure that the plant/s are suitable for the amount of light that's in the room.

Consider how you'd like to arrange the plants in your bathroom space. Have an idea of the types of pots or glass vases you'd like them to be in.



Display items of beauty

Curate beautiful personalised accessories to display in your bathroom. Adding a bit of personality to your bathroom will make you feel good when you use the bathroom everyday.  This will also ensure that you keep your bathroom space clean. Items can be a display of your favourite perfumes, candles, photos or a vase of flowers.

Select the right places to display your items. You can add a plant and some candles on a bath timber caddy for a luxurious touch to your bath.  Add some chic and practical storage shelves to display items at eye level above your vanity.



Put a fresh coat of paint

It's a simple low commitment change that can do wonders for your bathroom look.