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If you're on a tight budget, never fear, you're already in the right place. At Fontaine, we pride ourselves on providing some of the lowest prices in bathroomkitchen and laundry products in Australia. So, well done! You've already made the first step to achieving your affordable dream bathroom.



Here are some tips we recommend:

Plan well

Although it's tempting to start shopping straight away, start to analyse your current bathroom space and decide what you currently like and what you want to change.

What are the positives and negatives of the bathroom as it stands? 
e.g. Is there great ample natural light? A dramatic cathedral ceiling? Take advantage of these features that spark joy for you. However, is the space appearing too cramped and dingy? Is the bath an unsightly 70's green? These are the things that are taking away from the joyful experience of being in your bathroom that you need to consider fixing.

What feelings do you want to evoke when you step into your new renovated bathroom?
(e.g. natural relaxing tropical sanctuary, bold ultra modern bachelor pad, clean simple no fuss elegance, traditional French provincial...)


Make as little layout changes as possible

Moving things around may seems harmless, but too many renovators get burnt with unexpected costs from plumbers, electricians and tilers. Try as much as possible to keep your bathroom furniture in the same position and make simple replacements so there's no need to reconfigure pipes and/or outlets. This will help to dramatically decrease your bathroom renovation expenses as well as reduce a lot of stress for you. Obviously, if a rejig in your bathroom layout is essential, proceed by planning carefully and consulting trustworthy Australian certified professionals.


Keep it simple

At Fontaine, we get excited seeing our innovative customers achieve a dramatic bathroom renovation. Although, you don't have to spend heaps of cash to make a positive improvement to your bathroom. Sometimes all it takes is a few cheap tweaks here and there and you could make a massive difference to the look and feel of your whole bathroom space.

For example, a fresh timber vanity coupled with a colourful feature plant could be all you need to recreate that relaxing day spa feeling from your holiday in Tahiti while keeping your bathroom renovation cheap.


A new vanity could make all the difference

The centerpiece of the bathroom, the vanity, sets the scene and mood for the rest of your bathroom furniture. You don't have to breach your renovation budget to achieve a great look either. Fontaine vanities come in many styles and sizes while being some of the most affordable varieties in Australia.

The Alexis is a simple elegant white freestanding vanity that comes in a variety of sizes including 600, 750, 900, 1200. This is a very cheap option especially if you have a simple classic style and just want a modern update while keeping your bathroom renovation within budget. This vanity boasts ample storage and a gorgeous recessed basin. Prices start at $319. They sell incredibly quick.


Alexis 750   


The Mobella is an affordable and stylish choice (starting at $339). You can choose classic white or this chic black wall mounted vanity. Available in 900 and 1200 sizes.


Mobella 900 Black



Update your fixtures

You'd be surprised how updated bathroom taps can lift the look of a bathroom on the cheap. Replace any outdated fixtures for a simple modern bathroom makeover.


Simple Mixer Tap  Simple Wall Mixer Chrome


Select the timeless ergonomic (and incredibly cheap!) Simple tap range. Prices starting at only $40!


Emerson Basin Mixer Tap  Emerson Wall Mixer


or turn up the volume with the Emerson dual tone black taps for a touch of decadent drama...



Consider painting your tiles

If you are despising the look of your tiles but are not keen to spend your hard earned money on purchasing new tiles and hiring a tiler, paint your tiles yourself (using proper tiling paint). This quick simple fix can instantly lift the look of your bathroom for less.



Be water wise

When selecting a toilet, don't necessarily choose the toilet with the cheapest price tag. Understand that the toilet is what you and your family are going to be using every single day. Consider the cost per flush that will impact your water bill in the long term. It may be worthwhile investing in a better quality toilet that could save you more money. Look at the WELs water star ratings and the litres used per flush.

All Fontaine toilets are 4 Star WELS rating and use a 4.5 Lt per flush, 3 Lt per half flush which is the ideal amount to ensure that there is the least amount of water wastage while also providing a quality clean between flushes.

The Indiana  ($219) and Baltimore ($339) are very affordable. Both are available in P & S Traps.



With accessories, less is more

It's better to invest in fewer quality accessories that have some practical use. Mirrored bathroom cabinets are a two-in-one practical must have for all bathrooms. Store all your essentials easily and concealed within arms reach. You can choose to have them recessed into the wall for the illusion of more space.


bath caddy is practical, adds some beautiful natural textures and luxury.


dekoda-natural-small  retreat-walnut-small


Simple practical accessories provide purpose and elegance. Add a romantic bouquet of flowers et voila!



If you need a help with selecting the right budget bathroom products for you, feel free to contact our friendly consultants on: 1300 884 081