Do You Know, Nano?

Have you heard of nanotechnology? If not, it’s going to revolutionise your life.

That might sound a little overdramatic but let us tell you – nanotechnology is the best thing to happen to the shower screen scene.

Now you might be asking, what is nanotechnology’? When it comes to shower screens, nanotechnology is the nanocoating applied to the screen. This refers to a nanoscale thin film that is applied to the surface of the screen to improve functionality and longevity such as corrosion protection, water protection, self-cleaning capabilities, heat resistance and thermal management!

Glass surfaces, although smooth, are still porous, which means that water, oil and debris can attach to the screen and the reason why you find yourself having to constantly clean your screen to achieve that sparkle. Nanocoating ensures a superior lifetime of your screen; they’re designed to enable the smooth, glass-like surface to shield against small, microscopic particles and repel water – how good is that!

Nanocoating is hydrophobic which means that it’s water resistant and oleophobic (meaning oil resistant) and the premise as to why it works so well in your bathroom. This magical make-up is designed to repel water, oil, dirt and other dry particles, leaving your screen spick and span.

Better yet, items with nanocoating are invisible. This isn’t an additional layer on the screen, but rather becomes one with the screen without compromising that natural glass transparency offering clear, colourless protection. This means that you’re going to have an amazing looking shower screen without the cleaning fuss and everyone will be amazed at your cleaning capabilities. Win-win.

Nanocoating is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic as it prevents the build-up of damp, mould and bacteria – ideal for the average working family.

Additionally, screens coated in nanotechnology are resistant to temperature changes which makes them extremely suitable for bathrooms. Because of this technology, the durability and longevity of your shower screen using this nanotechnology is increased.

Purchasing your shower screen with nanocoating is a worthwhile investment especially if you’re one who despises cleaning (who really likes cleaning their bathroom anyway?). Benefits come by the plenty, but here’s our top three:

      1. You’re going to reduce your cleaning costs because this technology is mostly self-cleaning
      2. It increases the general safety in your bathroom environment because it reduces the exposure of mould and bacteria accumulating
      3. It slows down the deterioration of your screen given its hydrophobic qualities and thus amazing value for money.

Fontaine Industries is constantly committed to bringing you the best for less and this is one item that we think you will absolutely love.

Just a final reminder, as this technology means that your screen doesn’t easily accumulate dirt, to clean up spills, or foreign build up, all you need to do is quickly rinse using clean water and a damp sponge and, voila!