Star Sign by Design - Scorpio|Fontaine

Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, Scorpios are passionate, determined and great leaders.

Their bravery and resourcefulness may come across as stubborn, but their stubbornness is one of their greatest strengths as they strive for what they love. Their need for control is depicted within their homes as it manifests their desire to live in a clean and organised space.

Scorpios architectural style may vary slightly, but the underlying design is industrial and contemporary. The home of the Scorpio will generally be as mysterious as the scorpion itself. Scorpios enjoy styling with deep, dark and moody colours which reflects their love of mystery as well as paying an ode to their design style. In addition to this, their deep, strong and powerful essence will resonate in their home as they are not the type for a minimalist approach. However, despite their chosen design path, Scorpios find solace in uniformity.

Paying homage to their symbol, the scorpion, Scorpios are rather private people that have a tough exterior. Befriend a Scorpio and you will notice that they are actually cool, calm and collected until you get on their bad side. The same goes for their homes. Scorpios regard their homes as their sanctuary, with a distaste to mess and knack for organisation; come into a Scorpios home and leave it messy, you will not appreciate their response.

Reinforcing their design style as well as their traits, Scorpios find solidity in pieces that anchor a space. For Scorpios, to anchor a room with timber is a tribute to both a hard exterior for the scorpion and adding the contemporary edge of their design style to their homes, adding magnetic charm.

Surprisingly, Scorpios element is water, and it is because of this that makes them particularly fond of their bathrooms. It is in the best interest of a Scorpio to create a bathroom space that compliments their passion as well as their calmness. With an aversion to mess, face level storage as well as a timber vanity that anchors the room are the perfect synchronisation of their likes and architectural style. Scorpios will love to indulge in a grand bath in which they can completely submerge themselves in. To really embrace their contemporary style and attraction to a dark colour palette, the Hamptons shower screen is the perfect inclusion to their bathroom.


The kitchen of a Scorpio will be cosy and tonally right. Intricately designed stone in appearance of countertops will most likely be found in their kitchen. With their contemporary edge, Scorpios will bode well in adding integrated dishwashers within their kitchen to. Intelligence is a trait that is synonymous with the Scorpio, and you will find that they tend to procure items use smart-technology. Pyrolytic ovens utilise the latest in pyrolytic technology making it easier to keep your oven clean with its self-cleaning nature and is an appliance that Scoprios may include in their homes. If anything, the kitchen will truly resemble the sincerity of the intriguing nature of the Scorpio.