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Ruled by the planet of beauty, the Libra adores a life of luxury, socialbility and most importantly, balance.

The seventh sign in the zodiac line-up, the Libra is intelligent, cooperative and always willing to put others before themselves. Their strengths lie in their ability to be diplomatic as they can weigh up both sides of a situation. It is this innate sense of harmony that gives Librans a natural instinct when it comes to design.


Librans are at their best when they balance their schedule to include dedicated personal time as well as find time to surround themselves in social environments where their energetic personality shines through.

With a rich inner life perspective to their everyday life, Librans are drawn in by the finer things in life. They have a transitional design aesthetic, meaning they enjoy exploring both classical and contemporary design paths and finding the perfect balance between them. Hybrid by nature, Librans are not confined to one design style. They love to embrace various texture combinations and you will likely see a space that boasts that perfect harmony of design styles. 

As an air sign, Librans love open spaces bathed in a generous amount of open, natural light. With an affinity to the outdoors, Librans find the perfect juxtaposition of the two when they can see the outdoors from the inside.

To balance their design aesthetic, and accompany their love of different styles, timber top vanities are the perfect harmony that embraces the Libra’s design preference. This product, by default, pays homage to their love of the outdoors with timbers textures shining through.

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Librans also love a balanced home environment. They have a fondness of neutrals and soft, muted colours and are also inclined to include hues of blue as they channel their air sign. Librans are also inclined to procure decorative pieces that show-off their elegance, especially if they are balanced.

Librans are one of the most hospitable signs, enjoying good company and surrounding themselves with people who they can immerse in good conversation with. This is why Librans love hosting gatherings. Their communal drive to life makes them the perfect host and entertainer. Therefore, open planned living works in Libra’s favour as they are able to stay social whilst they cook up a storm. They also love to double up on appliances as this achieves a symmetrical design aesthetic – double ovens, dishwashers and cooktops are what Libra’s find solace in.


Celebrity Libra's!

Will Smith 25th September
Gwyneth Paltrow 27th September 
Kate Winslet
5th October
Matt Damon
8th October
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12th October
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18th October