Star Sign by Design - Aquarius | Fontaine

Ruled by the planet Uranus, the Aquarius is progressive, innovative and independent. 

Whilst they may be shy and quiet at first, their eccentric and energetic personalities eventually shine through in both personality and style.

Aquarians architectural style is contemporary. It is this reason that Aquarians are inclined to embrace home renovations given that their planet, Uranus, provides them with a visionary quality. It also gives them the power of swift and effortless transformations.

A contemporary architectural style is portrayed through bold forms and strong angles and, most importantly, relies on captivating aesthetics. Whilst it is born out of modern living, its up-to-date style doesn’t follow the conventions of traditional design or specific aspects of modern design, it is much more fluid and enables personal interpretation which at the end of the day is key for Aquarians.

Aquarians are therefore met with an abundance of design opportunity because of their progressive personalities paired with their contemporary architectural style.

Whilst their symbol is the water bearer, Aquarians are actually an air sign and it is because of this that they crave wide, open, airy spaces. However, the bathroom is an integral room of an Aquarians home. Aquarians have a deep need to sometimes be alone where they can recoup themselves, which will commonly be in a bath or spacious living area. It’s the space where they can still satisfy their mental stimulation in a calming manner as they engross themselves with the daily news immersed in their contemporary bathtub.

Their bathrooms are also the space where their renovation ideas can really excel. Aquarians favour materials such as metals, glass and concrete which, with their originality attributes, they are able to really transform this space into something inspiring. Shower screens embrace contemporary style, especially if they’re statement ones. It also allows for the space to stay opened and not constrained, as Aquarians dislike this feeling. Overall, their bathrooms gravitate towards high gloss with accents of metals and concrete. Below we have our Palazzo basin with with a raw concrete stone bench top. This is the perfect unison of their favourable materials in an interesting and original renovation. Bathroom spaces that have interesting vanity designs would also benefit an Aquarians overall design as it satiates their need for originality. 


As probably the most tech-savvy sign in the zodiacs, Aquarians are drawn to ease of living in a 21st century approach. Attracted to the fancy new products that continually launch, (they’re probably always first in line to buy the new iPhones), it would be no surprise then if you found kitchen appliances such as pyrolytic ovens and integrated dishwashers based purely off the fact that they’re interesting and contemporary products to add to their homes.


Celebrity Aquarians!

Oprah 29th Jan
Christian Bale 30th Jan
Chris Rock 7th Feb
Jennifer Aniston 11th Feb
Natalie Dormer 11th Feb
Michael Jordan 17th Feb