Star Sign by Design - Cancer |Fontaine

Driven by their emotions, the zodiac Cancer is loyal, creative, patient and tenacious. Paying homage to their sign, Cancer’s may seem a little reserved which is characterised by the crab; they like to retreat away to their shell. The Cancer is a tremendous homebody and as a result enjoy staying home frequently – but don’t let that fool you!

The crab star sign is an imaginative one and it is because of this that Cancerians make excellent decorators.

As a result, the home is very important to Cancerians. Home is where Cancerians feel most comfortable – it’s their escape away from the busyness of everyday life.

Naturally, Cancerians have a spiritual connection to the sea, with water as their element and the crab as their sign. Nostalgic by nature, coastal and transitional spaces would suit and aid well in a Cancer’s home. The magical thing about the crab sign is that they can adapt to their surroundings and make it their own. Their creativity is further enhanced by their ability to take anything that will fit into their life and make a home out of it – just as long as they can hide away and celebrate.


Top Tip! A reading nook compliments this sign perfectly. Picture a reading chair in front of a fireplace for the quintessential hide-away. Or for something closer to the nature of the crab, a grand bathtub complimented with a caddy to hold all necessities whilst they’re basked away in essence of relaxation. 


Cancerians tend to be quite messy and benefit from having a great deal of storage throughout their homes. However, just because they’re messy, they don’t want you to know it.

Cancerians have very strong family values with an inherent need to serve as the caregiver. They care deeply about their family and home. It is through their nurturing nature that Cancerians enjoy expressing their appreciation through cooking for their family and friends in an environment that they have perfected. Their tenaciousness may come across as intense, but it’s the way the Cancer shows their love and gratitude.