Star Sign by Design - Pisces | Fontaine

The Pisces is casual, relaxed and dreamy with a warm compassionate nature. They're well suited to open organic beach cottage designs. They love to be in the outdoors and near nature.

Pisceans love lots of light neutral colours, large airy spaces and natural light. These design features suit the contemplative nature of Pisces. They don't follow sterile rules and trends.  The Pisces is more likely to decorate their home with what “feels right” rather than according to trends or schemes.

Pisceans are gentle and easy going. They like their house furnishings to be soft, casual and comfortable. Pisceans are drawn to blues, greens, light hues and natural soothing textures.




They like to collect trinkets. A collection of decorative sea shells or pebbles from their beach holiday displayed elegantly in the bathroom are quintessentially Piscean design.




Pisces should pay special attention to making their bathroom a beautiful, ethereal and peaceful sanctuary, which will delight the senses and soothe their sensitive nature. The bathroom is a place of peace for a Pisces.

Pisceans are big dreamers. They relish time to relax and let their minds ponder the big questions in life, and know instinctively that people need down time to ignite creativity and take time to recharge their batteries. For these deep thinkers, the bathroom should be a sanctuary of reflection and meditation. A big deep bath to soak in for hours with low lighting, their favourite music and a good book is paradise for a Pisces.



Pisceans are claustrophobic - they can't stand confined spaces. They like to make their space feel as open as possible. Therefore a connection to the outside world is preferred. This can be achieved by choosing furniture with natural textures, cleverly placed mirrors and indoor plants.




They also aren't keen on industrial or loud obstructive faddy industrial furniture - their taste is quintessentially classic, organic no fuss elegance.


A Piscean cook is creative and isn't afraid to try new recipes in the kitchen. Pisces people are not materialistic and therefore quite happy with the simple things in life. Their kitchen and dining room will be simple and functional. Nothing over the top or ornate.

They like to make their home feel whole. The Piscean house is well thought out and the design is aesthetically connected to each room that works together to create a warm, comfortable and welcoming design.

salini-oven-double-13-functions-triple-glazed-door-36L-60L-capacity-white-LED-display-black-front-SOD8002H   tiffany-tall-mixer-F-1010   salini-canopy-rangehood-600-3-speed-stainless-steel-SRC3332S   

salini-ceramic-cooktop-touch-control-4-zone-9-speed-black-top-SCC4602B   dishwasher-salini-freestanding-stainless-steel-control-panel-front-energy-SDF9252S   eleanor-kitchen-mixer-F-2004