Star Sign by Design - Gemini | Fontaine

What many get confused about Gemini is the very nature of them. Whilst they are the twin sign, with a split personality type and their ever-changing moods, the Gemini is a gentle and affectionate zodiac with the desire to leave an impression on everyone they meet.

Per their wishy-washy attitude, you may think it would be hard to settle a design aesthetic with the Gemini, but with their ambition to be inspiring and never boring; they are open to an abundance of possibilities.

Duality is the very nature of the Gemini and as such they are averse to uniformity. It is because of this that an eclectic style approach suits Gemini perfectly because they’re able to procure various things without feeling tied down to a specific design style. For example, the twin sign deserves twin basins because it’s perfect for their indecisiveness as they’ll never be confined to one and will have the best of both worlds.


Its always interesting with the Gemini because they are so split about their wants. By design they’re eclectic but also transitional; they can go any way and make it work. Traditional and clean styles with touches of character is an example of a design route the Gemini may take, but on the other hand, they could channel their preferred colour palette which is yellow, lime green and pastels!

Air is the element of the Gemini – this represents communication, writing and movement. It is important to the Gemini to have a space that’s open and basked in a generous amount of natural light. Remember, Gemini don’t like to be confined to anything so it’s ideal to keep their design theme fluid.

Top Tip! A freestanding bath like the Hepburn is a perfect juxtaposition of their air element and their desire to be intriguing – the Gemini can get lost in the written world relaxing with a good book in a piece that isn’t boring by any means.

Being social butterflies, conversation starters are important to this sign. Their open minds and ability to talk about anything make them an inspiring sign to associate with. It is essential for the Gemini to acquire items that reinforce their imaginative design aesthetic and show off their vibrancy as well – all of which they would be happy to talk about!