Creating a Unique Shower Space

Designing a space with personality is the essence of bathroom design in 2018. It’s all about unique pieces that transform your bathroom.

Integrated showers, which embrace the lack of shower doors, are trending for 2018. Whilst you previously may not have thought to include this, shower screens add another dimension in design to complete your bathroom.

Fontaine Industries offer two very different shower screens, aesthetically speaking, appealing to a broad range of design audiences. A chrome 5 panel and black grid of 9.


The Long Island is a 5-panel screen of beauty. It will redefine your shower space with its presence.  The sleek nature of the Long Island has a prestige edge that will add quality and dimension to your bathroom. Modern by nature, the Long Island will fit flawlessly because of its humble design. With its elongated linear frame, renovators with a keen interest in clean lines will adore this setting. The chrome panelling will also pair perfectly with a coastal design, embracing the beach-front lifestyle with its fresh and bright frame. By including a shower screen, like the Long Island, into your bathroom, you begin to inject personality and add more quality to your space. 


The Hamptons shower screen is a statement screen. Contemporary and chic, this black frame is ultra-modern, trendy and has grand appeal. The beauty of the Hamptons is that everything will pair perfectly. A classical approach to this screen will add elegance and luxury, whereas a rustic style paired with timbers and textures will embrace the organic nature of a resort lifestyle. Adaptable to many styles, the edginess of the Hamptons will overhaul your bathroom. Limitations are a thing of the past with this screen. Whether your design style is transitional, rustic, modern or even industrial, the grid feature of the Hamptons frame is magical in its monochromatic nature.


These screens also work well as partitions. How gorgeous would these be style alongside a freestanding bath adding yet another dimension in your design?

Step into your new sanctuary when you install a shower screen and bathe in the most decadent of ways – because who says we can’t have it all?