The Latest Bathroom Trend

Timber wall mounted (aka. floating vanities) have been a growing bathroom trend in the last few years.

Timber vanities are popular because they add a luxurious and natural texture in their bathroom; as well as comfort of nature into a space that was once was a stark and sterile part of their house.  The look holds a timeless aesthetic that brings textures from outside into the home.  These bathroom vanities are the best way to encapsulate the relaxing ‘day spa’ look into your bathroom.

The wooden textures in the vanities soften the look of harder bathroom materials such as tiles, taps and mirrors.  Mounting your vanity onto a wall will also create the illusion of more space.



If you prefer a bright airy open look in a bathroom, choose the Hamilton Solid Ash Vanity or the Hamilton Solid Oak Vanity for a slightly bolder contrasting look. This vanity includes classic white drawers and a chic timber accent around the edges.


Or choose the Paloma Vanity which is in a similar style – perfect for those who like to stack towels within reach or display their beautiful bathroom accessories.


paloma vanity units 



Bathroom styling

For a bold style, contrast the vanity with the colour of your bathroom walls. For example you can pair the light coloured Manhattan Natural Solid Ash Vanity with a dark wall (as the top) and vice versa with the Manhattan Walnut Natural Oak Vanity (as below).

Manhattan Solid Oak Natural


We recommend including chic timber bathroom accessories to tie in and compliment your timber vanity in your bathroom space. Bath caddies and towel ladders are a great addition to create a ‘day spa’ bathroom retreat with your timber vanity.  They are available in matching natural and walnut timber textures.



Couple these with a beautiful indoor plant that can withstand damp conditions for an all natural look.



Caring for your timber vanity

All Fontaine timber vanities are finished with a durable layer that is smooth to touch, it will enhance and accentuate the timber grain and also help protect timber over time.

Taking the time to understand how a natural timber vanity will age over time and how to best care for your timber vanity will ensure that you love your timber vanity for many years to come.

Aesthetically, scratches on timber vanities are typically less obvious as they are more likely to blend in with the organic character textures of the wood. Having said that, if you don’t agree, there is a degree of flexibility in repairing a timber vanity in that areas can be spot treated or the complete top surface can be sanded and refinished to give it a second life. This is simply not possible with a laminate, melamine or veneer product.

Keep an eye on your timber vanity and be sure to take care of it so it can stay in pristine condition.

See our 3 simple tips to care for your timber vanity:

-Wipe up after use to minimize water remaining on the surface for prolonged periods
-Installation to include required caulking to protect edges and crevices from retaining water
-We strongly recommend resealing any surface that has had the seal compromised, as water and moisture from everyday use in the bathroom may damage any exposed area of timber.