7 Bathroom Edits For Ultimate Zen | Fontaine

Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern idea that each and every part or direction of a home is related to a specific aspect of life and a bathroom in that part will drain the luck or benefits of that aspect of life.


The positioning of the bathroom is important in feng shui.

For example:

  • South-East Positioning
    Since South-East part of a house is related to wealth, a bathroom in this part will drain away all the money from the house; joblessness, sinking income, increasing debt and even bankruptcy are some effects of South-East bathroom.


  • North West Positioning
    This deals with helpful people and luck from heaven, a toilet in this part will drain away all those from you. No help from anyone, backstabbing, office politics, discredit etc. are some effects of North-West bathroom


If you're experiencing these problems, it may be worth visiting your bathroom to make some quick feng shui fixes.


Add Earthy Elements

Feng shui works well when there is a balance of five elements. Most bathrooms have an abundance of the water element creating an inbalance. To balance this out, choose dominant earthy accents such as timbers, coppers, taupes and yellows in your bathroom furniture or accessories.

Clear Your Clutter

Use clever storage to keep your tooth brushes and lotions within reach without being on display. Avoid decorating your bathroom with nick nacks and other useless objects. Less is more. If it doesn't serve a purpose, it doesn't belong there. Use your precious bathroom vanity unit space for things that ignite happiness and calmness such as a beautiful vase of flowers or candles.

Keep your drawers organised and ensure everything has a designated space so you know exactly where to find it everytime.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors bounce light and energy around the room. They make your bathroom visually appear bigger and create an airy feeling especially when placed near a skylight, window or lights.

Fresh Air

Ventilate your bathroom naturally by opening up the window and/or skylight occasionally. This will keep your bathroom fresh to dry out the dampness and mustiness in the bathroom. If you don't have a window, open the door after having a shower. Another great idea is to keep indoor plants to purify the air in your bathroom.


Keep Drains Closed

Keep your drains and toilet seat closed when not in use to ensure that your lucky chi energy doesn't drain out. If your bathroom faces your bedroom, ensure that the door is closed most of the time.

Replace Anything That Is Broken

When something is broken, get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Anything that stays damaged for too long will create bad energy. This includes old toothbrushes, broken soap dispensers, faulty toilets etc.


Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom as often as possible.