The Best Plants For Your Bathroom | Fontaine

Create a unique and interesting environment in your bathroom. Adding plants is one of the biggest trends to hit 2018. Flora appearances will not only add tropical ambience to your space, but the trendy foliage and shapes will instantly elevate your bathroom and set the mood. Whether your space is grand or compact, adding a splash of green freshens your environment and becomes a living, breathing piece of artwork in your home.

Wanting to give your bathroom an extra edge with some greenery but not sure which plants to go for? We’re going to help you. Here’s a list of our plant recommendations and why they’re the perfect flora for your bathroom.

With elegant dark leaves and stunningly radiant white blooms, the Peace Lily will capture a piece of your heart. Transparently, this plant is a symbol of purity and, in essence, helps balance people’s energy which aids well when one is bloomed in a bathroom as this is the space where you wash away your troubles.
Not only are Peace Lilies a stunning plant, they’re also excellent for your bathroom. They love low lighting rooms, which is perfect if your bathroom isn’t one to receive much lighting, and they also love humidity; double bonus! These beauties are also NASA approved for purity because they remove any harmful toxins out of the air. Place your Peace Lily near your bath to create a tropical paradise.

A perennial plant, Bamboo is a classic choice for your bathroom. Oriental by nature, Bamboo favourably suits a zen style which is endorsed by simple feng shui design. The number of stalks represents the type of energy it will attract in your environment – the more stalks, the greater return of blessings you will encounter.
If your bathroom doesn't receive much sunlight Bamboo is the perfect plant for your space. It requires very little light to thrive. It's also super low maintenance - pop in some pebbles and water in a container and watch it faun. (change water every 2-4 weeks and trim for optimum results)

As one of the most coveted flowers, Orchids, in their delicate and exotic grace, is a representation of beauty, love and luxury. With an abundance of orchid species, colour symbolism comes into play. The quintessential white embodies innocence, purity and elegance. Purple orchids are a symbol of regality and admiration and it is important to choose the flower that will represent the presence in your bathroom space.
Whilst somewhat difficult to maintain, Orchids are a seamless addition to your bathroom ambience. These beauties are typically found in humid, low-lighting areas which makes them the ideal plant to keep in your bathroom as it replicates their original abodes nicely.

Viewed as an agent of luck, the Peperomia is a versatile plant where every variety is beautifully unique. Peperomia is also a highly decorative addition given its full, round leaves vary with each specie.
This humble plant, in its size, is an appropriate option for those who want some greenery but don’t want to be overwhelmed by leaves or plants that grow over a pot. A semi-succulent, Peperomia are easy to maintain also. Their plump textured leaves hold a generous amount of water which means that if you forget the occasional water, they’re going to hold up fine. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, this plant is not only a small grower but also a slow grower.


With slick, sword-like leaves, the Snake Plant, also commonly known as ‘Mother in Laws Tongue’, is a slender addition to your space. The Snake Plants foliage grows in an upwards fashion which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Its gorgeous textured and speckled leaves supply a rich source of oxygen which makes it one of NASA’s top plants for removing harmful toxins. 

These West African natives are perfect for those who have no green thumb. Practically impossible to kill with its high tolerance to any growing condition, the Snake plant does well in little to no lighting, direct sunlight and even bright artificial light. Snake Plants also require little to no water, and when placed in a humid bathroom, you may never actually need to physically water the plant itself as it gets its water requirements from your bathroom.