This Genius Toilet Paper Hack Will Refresh Your Entire Bathroom

This easy genius trick to keep your toilet area smelling fresh doesn't need to be in the toilet itself...

There are a multitude of methods with preventing less than pleasant odours in your bathroom. Many use bathroom perfumes and toxic sprays which may be harmful to inhale daily. Some hotel housekeepers and flight attendants use this brilliant trick to keep bathrooms fresh that doesn't require a daily spray or touch up everytime you go to the toilet. You only have to do this as often as you change your toilet paper roll and it works jujst as well.

All you need is your toilet paper roll (it doesn't have to be full) and some essential oil. We recommend choosing a citrus scent because they smell fresh and can easy overpower other odours. Simply place 5 or so drops on the inside of the toilet roll and your toilet area will be filled with a pleasant but not overbearing aroma.

The genius of this technique is that the scent kicks in whenever you use the toilet. Rolling the fragrant toilet paper roll tosses the scent around and reactivates it. The nice smell should last you until you've finished the toilet paper roll.

Particularly if the oil isn't natural, ensure that it doesn't get on the toilet paper itself. Some essential oils can irritate the skin especially if it's in contact with sensitive areas.

Enjoy this simple bathroom trick! Let us know if you have any genius bathroom hygiene tips.